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Uh-Oh, What to Do If You Get Sick While Traveling

Being sick while traveling is certainly one of the worst things that can happen to a traveler.

The sudden change in weather or food can shock your body, causing the immune to drop and the sickness to creep in. Not to mention other factors such as contagious germs or viruses.

Though scary, you can do your part to prevent being sick and handle it with care. Below, we have compiled a list of preventive actions and what to do in case you become ill on your travels.

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What to Prepare Before Traveling

Get Health Insurance Coverage

sick while traveling

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You might have signed up for insurance for your day-to-day healthcare.

But your existing insurance might only cover domestic healthcare. This can be an issue if you end up traveling abroad, so be sure to check your insurance coverage before your trip.

If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you abroad, you can look into other short-term health insurance policies.

These are usually specifically designed to cover travel. You can gather information through various travel blogs and magazines, or contact a local travel agent.

When you’re done, make sure that you have your health insurance identification card and a claim form to carry during travels.

2. Carry Emergency Contact Information

You never know how quickly and badly things can escalate. On top of that, many policies specifically ask that administration needs to be done before seeking treatment.

That’s why it’s important to carry emergency contact information with you at all times. Again, this is especially important when you travel alone in a foreign country.

For easier access, you can put all the information into one laminated card. Here are things to put on your emergency contact card:

  • Your name
  • Country of citizenship and passport number
  • Name and phone number of at least one close relative, partner, or friend
  • 24-hour contact number of your country’s Embassy or Consular services
  • Name of the company or administrator of your emergency medical insurance, policy number, and toll-free number

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3. Research Your Prescribed Meds


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Did you know that some countries consider certain medicines illegal narcotics? If you have an ongoing medication, be sure to do your research before embarking on a trip.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your medication with you. You can prepare the proper paperwork to be allowed to carry your prescribed medicines.

Once you’ve done that, label each container clearly for an easier assessment process at customs.

4. Be Picky About What You Eat or Drink

During your travels, you might feel tempted to try every dish you land your eyes on.

While it’s certainly one of the best ways to experience the destination to the fullest, it can also harm you if you don’t do it with care.

Keep an eye out for culinary recommendations or reviews, and learn from other people’s experiences before trying it for yourself.

Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, visit stalls or restaurants that look crowded. That way, you can be sure that they have high-quality dishes.

5. Do Not Overexert Yourself

It’s only natural that you want to make the most out of your travel. But planning a packed schedule isn’t the way.

Your body still needs to rest, especially in the midst of all the travel stress and foreign environment.

Plan for some downtime and choose a convenient accommodation so you can access all the public transportation and tourist hotspots easily.

Allow some room for yourself to breathe and appreciate everything around you. You might find a different kind of experience this way.

What to Do If You Get Sick While Traveling

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First and foremost, don’t panic. Pay attention to your symptoms and identify the cause. For example, if you get a stomachache, try to remember if you ate something spoiled, spicy, or dirty.

Then, you can think of the appropriate meds to combat that. If you’re still unsure, get a professional opinion by booking an appointment with a doctor.

If you’re traveling abroad, you can get the help of your country’s embassy or consulate. They can provide a list of local healthcare providers and medical facilities you can visit for your check-up.

In some more serious cases, the embassy can help you find medical assistance. This ranges from getting you to a hospital, contacting your immediate relatives, or if needed, helping with the fund-transferring process from your family.

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