surviving the holiday

Why Holiday is Dreadful for Introverts and How to Survive It

The holiday is just around the corner! Many people are excited to be a part of it – after all, it’s a chance to mingle and party with a sense of optimism that only the new year can bring. However, with so many upcoming parties and gatherings to attend, introverts can feel drained to their core. To prevent that from happening, introverts certainly need a game plan to survive the holiday.

Introverts function differently than extroverts; they recharge by being alone. During the holidays, there are too many social obligations on their shoulders. There’s not much room for them to breathe, so they’ll need to pace themselves out to avoid getting burnt out.

If you can relate, you might just be one of the introverts. Let’s dive more into why it can be so dreadful for you, and take a look at some tips to survive the holiday as an introvert!

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Why Holidays are an Introvert’s Nightmare

surviving the holiday

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As briefly mentioned above, people are the main reason why introverts might dread the holiday season. It doesn’t mean that introverts don’t like the holidays, but their social battery can get drained rather fast during this time, leaving them exhausted and unable to really enjoy the festivities.

Doing social obligations is the main reason behind an introvert’s unease – spending time with the family, meeting up with friends, and even taking in unexpected house guests. Not to mention, the holiday break usually comes with places being crowded to the brink.

These thoughts can give so much anxiety to an introvert. So to get rid of that dread, introverts need to come up with a plan on how to survive it.

How to Survive the Holiday as an Introvert

When an introvert gets burnt out during the holiday season, it may stem from a lack of planning. The crowd and social aspects of a holiday can become too much, too fast – leaving the introvert feeling overwhelmed on the best of days.

But worry not, you can prevent that by making a game plan. Let’s take a look at some strategies you can try:

1. Do Your Shopping Online

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If you celebrate Christmas, you usually have to buy presents. Or even if you don’t, sometimes you still have to run errands or stock up on groceries. Either way, normally these things will require you to go out. But during the holiday season, it’s highly likely that public places will get crowded and streets jammed with traffic.

Instead of putting yourself through that, you can try shifting to online shopping during the holidays. You can do your errands from the comfort of your home without having to interact with other people. Save up that social battery for better use later!

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2. Prioritize Your Social Invitations

surviving the holiday

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You don’t have to say yes to every social invitation you get – start prioritizing your social invitations instead. Start by asking: Will I get a meaningful conversation out of this event?

If you think that the event will be filled with people you don’t know, with little to no connection being made, then you can pass on that. Holidays are all about looking for joy; it’s better to spend it them with people you’re comfortable with.

3. Focus More on One-on-One Conversations

If you end up being stuck at a party alone, remember to avoid group conversations. Keeping up with everyone’s chatter can be exhausting, so try to engage in a one-on-one conversation instead.

Keep an eye out for anyone who is alone as well, they’re likely to be an introvert just like you. It’s not just about reserving your energy, but also having a meaningful dialogue.

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4. Take Breaks

Another tip to survive the holiday is to take breaks during an event or gathering. For example, you can slip to a deserted spot to let yourself breathe, make yourself busy by helping with the dishes, or if you notice the snacks are running out, you can offer to buy more just so you can go out for a little while.

This way, you don’t have to engage with other people all night and earn some time to recharge.

5. Schedule Some Alone Time

The most important thing to survive the holiday as an introvert is to schedule some alone time. Making time for yourself is as important as making time for others. The holidays aren’t just about festivities – but also a time to let yourself rest and relax.

During this time, do whatever makes you feel happy; do your hobbies or go to your favorite places. By doing this, you can start the new year more refreshed and full of energy!

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