Frequently Asked Question


Bobopod's pod is a compact room designed for maximum comfort combined with cost-conscious efficiency. Each pod is equipped with one king-size bed, an air-conditioner, a compact working area, Bluetooth Speaker, B-Pad, and moddlamps. You can control your pod from opening the door to diming the light to adjusting volume of our speaker with a click away from our apps. You can climb in if you pick our Sky room (Odd number) or dive in if you pick our Earth room (Even number).

Cancellation Policy

All booking is non refundable. Please be aware that cancellation and rescheduling are not possible at the moment.


Bobobox Bobopoints is our reward program that is simple, flexible, and easy to use. Redeem in any amount, whenever you’re ready. No more waiting. No more minimum for redemption. No more converting points to currency. Your Bobopoints balance is a real currency value, so you know exactly how much you earned. Redemption is incredibly easy: Just use your Bobopoints on your next bookings via our site or apps! No minimums, no tiers, no problem. Just be sure you’re logged in when booking your pod.