Things to Do in Solo

7 Epic Things to Do in Solo

Whenever the holiday season comes around, you can expect that Solo will be jam-packed with tourists. It’s no wonder the city is a popular destination, what with the various activities and destinations that await you there. And all within a rather affordable price range, too!

From exploring various culinary delights, learning how to make batik by hand, to watching traditional plays, Solo is sure to give you an experience like no other.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s find out more about all the best things you can do during your stay. This way, you can plan your trip strategically to make the most of your time there!

About Solo

Things to Do in Solo


The city of Surakarta, better known as Solo, is a town located in Central Java. The name Surakarta itself is derived from the local Javanese language, “sura” meaning bravery and “karta” meaning prosperity.

Solo is mostly popular for its cultural aspect, hence its nickname the City of Culture. This is where batik—a type of patterned fabric with various motifs and vibrant colors that has been considered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage—was first originally from.

Aside from batik, there are other Javanese cultural heritage sites you can marvel at here, such as historic palaces, ancient temples, arts, and even mouth-watering traditional cuisines. Not to mention that the city is surrounded by stunning landscapes pleasing to the eyes.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Solo

Now that you’ve got the gist of what Solo has to offer, here is the complete guide of all the activities you shouldn’t miss while you are in Solo:

1. Visit the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace

Visit the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace


If you’re looking for the landmark of Solo’s vibrant culture and history, Surakarta Kasunanan is the answer. This is a palace building complex where the Surakarta Hadiningrat kingdom once reigned.

The palace has been standing for 279 years and was built in 1744 to replace the Kartasura Palace which was destroyed in a riot. It’s built on a unique combination of Javanese and European architecture.

The palace displays various historical objects such as statues, a type of traditional blade called keris, and many others. So, if you’re a historical geek, then this place is the perfect destination for you!

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2. Stop by the Heritage Palace

Stop by the Heritage Palace


Located not too far from the city center, The Heritage Palace offers a fabulous exterior. What lies inside is as appealing as what lies outside—you’ll get to discover numerous sections with their own distinct appeal!

The areas include the 3D Trick Art Museum, the Transportation Museum, the Industrial Museum, the Garden Retro Paradise, Kids Town, and the Food Street. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled through different places, and yet without ever leaving Solo.

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3. Try out Local Cuisines at Ngarsopuro Night Market

Try out Local Cuisines at Ngarsopuro Night Market


A paradise for foodies, Ngarsopuro Night Market is the perfect place to find authentic local foods at an affordable price. From snacks like sosis solo to main courses like nasi liwet, your tummy will be left satisfied here.

Everything also tastes better as you enjoy your food with various live performances by great street artists.

4. Taste the Perfect Dessert that is Serabi

Taste the Perfect Dessert that is Serabi

Photo: suryomulyo6 via Instagram

A trip to Solo isn’t complete if you haven’t tried Solo’s very own serabi. This delicious dessert is a type of pancake stuffed with coconut or chocolate fillings.

Be sure to visit the legendary Serabi Notosuman, where you can get a combination of five pancakes in a pack of ten. Be sure to eat them while they’re warm to fully enjoy the perfect gooey filling.

5. Learn How to Make Batik at Laweyan Batik Village

Learn How to Make Batik at Laweyan Batik Village


It takes a certain technique and attentive skills to craft batik, as there are a lot of details going on on the whole cloth. Now, imagine an entire village of skillful batik makers, and say hi to Laweyan Batik Village—the home of thousands of batik makers with a total of 250 patented motifs to its name!

You can go sightseeing, purchase bright-colored batiks to take home, and even join batik-making courses to learn it yourself.

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6. Watch the Wayang Show

Watch the Wayang Show


If you’re an artsy person, you’ll definitely enjoy a Wayang Orang show. It literally translates as Human Puppet, but the show is actually a group of actors playing characters based on various puppet dramas.

The dramas are usually the Javanese version of Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. You only need to pay a ticket fee of Rp10,000 at Gedung Wayang Wong to enjoy this festive show.

7. Go Souvenir-hunting at Klewer Traditional Market

Go Souvenir-hunting at Klewer Traditional Market

Photo: Wahyu Adityo Prodjo via

Want to bring a piece of Solo home with you? There are various trinkets and souvenirs to choose from at Klewer Traditional Market.

From batik, various fabrics, jewelry, to puppet leather, you can get everything at an affordable price here. Just be sure to sharpen your haggling skills to get the best price there is.

Solo Travel Guide

Once you’ve planned all the things you can do in Solo, it’s only natural that you start booking flights and arrange for transportation to get around the city. Here are some things to note:

Best Time to Visit Solo

To get the best experience without having to worry about the rain, it’s recommended that you visit during the dry season, which lasts from June to September.

This period also happens to be the time when most of Solo’s grand festivals are held, such as the Solo Batik Carnival and Solo International Performing Art.

However, it doesn’t mean that any other month is a bad time to visit Solo. Due to cultural aspects being the tourism highlight of the city, you can still enjoy it at any time of the year.

How to Get to Solo

There are two ways for you to get to Solo:

  • By air, where you can take a flight from other major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali to the city’s airport Adisumarmo International Airport (SOC).
  • By ground, where there are more varieties of transport you can choose. You can comfortably ride the train to Solo Balapan Station, drive a rented car, or ride a bus if you prefer a cheaper mode of transport. All of them are available to book from a number of major cities such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

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