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15 Things to Do in Solo During a Short Getaway

Solo is rich in historical value. This is a place where the Mataram court once proudly stood, leaving a significant mark on the city’s traditions and arts and marking it as a cultural hub.

That’s why there are so many things to see and do in Solo, and Bob is here to aid you in making the most of your trip!

Unlike the capital city of Jakarta, Solo is a fairly small city in Central Java with a dense population. The people live closely with each other, creating a tight-knit community you would hardly see in any other city.

Explore the community, get to know the culture, and learn the history: here are seven things to do in Solo during a short getaway!

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15 Best Things to Do in Solo

1. Visit the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace

Visit the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace


The palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Solo City. How can’t it be? The palace reflects the vibrant culture of the city and is a landmark of its rich history.

The Keraton (palace) is a complex of buildings where the Surakarta Hadiningrat kingdom reigned.

The 279-year-old palace was built in 1744 as a replacement for Kartasura Palace that was destroyed in a riot.

The palace was considered exotic in its time. Designed by Prince Mangkubumi, the buildings have a combination of Javanese-European architecture that is pleasing to the eyes.

In Surakarta Kasunanan Palace now still preserves many historical objects, such as statues, keris (a type of traditional blade), and many others.

To this day, the palace is still used as a residence for Sri Sunan Pakubuwono. On top of that, some areas are also used for various royal traditions.

2. Photo-hunt at Cengklik Reservoir

Photo-hunt at Cengklik Reservoir


Cengklik reservoir is one of the a reservoir built by the Dutch colonial in 1926 and was finished in 1928. The reservoir covers approximately 250 hectares of land, with a gorgeous scenic view.

It’s best to come late in the afternoon; that way, where you can wait out for the sunset.

Be sure to immortalize the moment with your camera, as it’s not every day you can witness a sunset with Mount Merapi and Merbabu as the backdrop.

3. Explore the Sukuh and Ceto Temple

Explore the Sukuh and Ceto Temple


Sukuh temple is a Hindu temple located on the western slope of Mount Lawu.

Unlike other temples, Sukuh has unique thematic reliefs, with life before birth and sexual education being the main themes.

Though some have been relocated to the National Museum of Indonesia for preservation, you can still see the many carvings around the area.

Another temple worth visiting is the Ceto temple. Located not far from Sukuh temple, Ceto temple is the last Hindu temple built at the end of the heyday of the Majapahit Empire.

After visiting both temples and marveling at their history, be sure to also visit Jumog Waterfall. The refreshing breeze and splendid view will take your healing to the next level.

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4. Ride the Jaladara Steam Train

Ride the Jaladara Steam Train


Want to know what it feels like to ride in a steam train? Well, you can experience it for yourself in Solo.

The steam railway was an old German-built train in 1896, shipped to Indonesia the same year by the Dutch to fulfill the need for short-distance transport.

With this train, you can go through the railroad track that runs on the side of the Slamet Riyadi road. Witness the hustle and bustle of the city from the only steam train in Indonesia that runs in the middle of the city!

5. Enjoy Local Cuisines at Ngarsopuro Night Market

Enjoy Local Cuisines at Ngarsopuro Night Market


If you’re looking for a fun night out, then Ngarsopuro Night Market should make it into your must-visit list.

The street is entirely closed off for vehicles and turns into a night market for four hours. You can shop handmade or antique souvenirs, enjoy live performances by talented street musicians, or taste the wonderful local street foods.

Treat yourself to the various culinary delights, from snacks such as sosis solo to main courses such as nasi liwet. Best part of it all, everything is available at an affordable price!

6. Craft Batik in Laweyan Batik Village

Craft Batik in Laweyan Batik Village


Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing on whole cloth. The technique is considered a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, as the process takes a long time and attentive skills.

Laweyan Batik Village is the home of hundreds—if not thousands—of batik makers. The village has 250 patented motifs in total, offering a selection of light-colored batik to brighten your day (or at least attire).

While you can just purchase batik and go sight-seeing around the village, you can also join the batik-making courses.

The course duration varies, from a short 2 hour course to a more intensive workshop program. 

For more information on the courses, you can contact Forum Pengembangan Kampung Batik Laweyan directly.

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7. Shop at Klewer Market

Shop at Klewer Market


Another place in Solo city if you want to get some keepsakes and souvenirs at Klewer Market. This old market sells all kinds of fabrics, from batik, lurik, to tenun ikat.

You can also get jewelry, puppets, accessories, and even decorative items at a cheap price … as long as you’re good at the art of bargaining, of course. So, make sure to sharpen your bargaining skill before coming.

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8. Visit Pasar Triwindu

Visit Pasar Triwindu


Pasar Triwindu in Solo is a haven for antique enthusiast. The Triwindu market offering a variety of items like Javanese daggers, leather puppets, and decor.

Shoppers should be cautious due to the presence of counterfeit products, similar to Jalan Surabaya in Jakarta. Despite this, a visit to Pasar Triwindu can be a delightful experience, with its museum-like atmosphere, cleanliness, and suitability for window shopping, photography, and leisurely strolls, making it a top choice for activities in Solo.

9. Eat at Warung Soto Gading I

Eat at Warung Soto Gading I


Rather than procuring their ingredients from conventional grocery stores, they specifically employ locally bred Solo chickens, straight from the market. Thanks to these remarkably fresh elements, the soup offers a notably more indulgent and flavorsome experience.

In a departure from the typical soto, Warung Soto Gading 1 favors a hearty, transparent sauce over the insipid clear broth, enhancing the distinctiveness of this delightful dish even more.

10. Try Some Traditional Sweets : Serabi Notosuman Solo

Try Some Traditional Sweets Serabi Notosuman Solo


It had been strongly recommended that we make a visit to Serabi Notosuman during our time in Solo. This renowned establishment offers classic pancakes stuffed with either coconut or chocolate fillings.

You have to try for a combination of five pancakes of each flavor in a pack of ten, and in hindsight, we wish we had ordered more. These petite pancakes are simply delightful, with a moist interior, and they were served warm to perfection!

11. Lunch at Warung Selat Mbak Lies

Lunch at Warung Selat Mbak Lies


Another things to do in Solo, you’ll find a classic dish made from minced meat, a variety of vegetables, and a special soy-based sauce. One renowned establishment in Solo that has been serving this dish for a considerable period is Warung Selat Mbak Lies.

This dish takes its inspiration from a European meal known as steak. Among the numerous Selat vendors in Solo, Warung Selat Mbak Lies stands out as one of the most famous and legendary food in Solo.

12. Enjoy The View at Lake Caklet

Enjoy The View at Lake Caklet


Telaga Caklet offers tourists a truly indulgent experience. They are greeted with a spacious and tranquil lake, providing a sense of security for tourists to relish the lake’s splendor.

The presence of Widodaren Hill on the western side enhances the natural beauty. The vast stretch of greenery and trees, reaching approximately 200 meters in height, in conjunction with the picturesque lake, left a lasting impression on me during my visit.

To reach this destination, visitors must embark on a journey of approximately 10 kilometers from Solo City.

13. Chill at Jurang Sundo Waterfall

Chill at Jurang Sundo Waterfall


Jurang Sundo stands out among the numerous waterfalls in the vicinity of Solo due to its distinctive feature. It boasts a human-made arrangement where, on one side, the water cascades into a regular river and on the other side, it flows into a fish pond. It’s up to you to decide if you are adventurous enough to take a swim alongside the fish!

14. Explore Jumog Waterfall

Explore Jumog Waterfall


Surrounded by lush vegetation, a rejuvenating waterfall flows from a 30-meter drop, and it’s open to visitors throughout the year. It’s advisable to plan your visit in the early morning to avoid the crowds and fully appreciate the peaceful surroundings (some visitors even come here for meditation).

The captivating scene of the waterfall winding its way through the moss-covered rocks will transport you to a mystical realm, creating the sensation of stepping into a world right out of a fairy tale!

15. Visit The Heritage Palace in Solo

Visit The Heritage Palace in Solo


Another thing to do, you can visit to the museum and it’s not far from the heart of Solo City, it is The Heritage Palace. Inside the palace, there are numerous sections to discover, along with a splendid exterior.

These areas include the 3D Trick Art Museum, the Transportation Museum, the Industrial Museum, the Garden Retro Paradise, Kids Town, and, naturally, the Food Street, where you can enjoy a meal to refuel after exploring each of these attractions! and its still in Solo City!

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