Discover Sumba’s Best Local Eats in This 24-hour Itinerary

Indonesia’s cuisine is a melting pot of different flavors that reflect the country’s diverse cultural heritage. As home to over 300 indigenous ethnic groups, Indonesia is a haven of delicacies for foodies. From the spicy dishes of Sumatra to the sweet and savory Bali cuisine, it is hard to resist the colorful, bold, and fiery Indonesia’s local food.

Sumba is a tropical paradise of raw beauties and unexplored wonders. Seated between Komodo and Sumbawa, people are drawn to Sumba mostly for its exotic beaches and elusive natural landscape. However, the island has more to offer.

When the eyes are content with secret lagoons and majestic waterfalls, Sumba also covers all your food cravings for empty bellies!

Here’s your ultimate guide to a 24-hour itinerary of tasting Sumba’s best local eats!

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08.00-09.30: Breakfast with Authentic Sumba Dishes at Ro’o Luwa Restaurant

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Ro’o Luwa Resto and Cafe is a Sumbanese specialty restaurant in Southwest Sumba. Open from 8AM to 11PM, this restaurant might be your go-to place for a light breakfast. Savoring the unique taste of Rowe Luwa Porridge made from rice and the green color of pounded sweet potato leaves for Rp25,000.

Craving for a heavier breakfast? Try ordering Ayam Rebus Kodi or Ayam Rebus Wewea each for Rp20,000. Ayam Rebus Kodi is a traditional Sumbanese dish of boiled chicken in coconut milk. If you’re not into coconut milk, you can order Ayam Rebus Wewea cooked in the rich flavor of spices. The restaurant also serves local specialty beverages such as Linno and Binahong hot tea for Rp5,000.

If you visit Sumba with your friends or family, you can order their package menus that are enough to feed four people. Available to order at Rp200,000 – Rp240,000, these packages offer different main dishes, including boiled chicken, grilled chicken, or fish soup.

So, whether it’s a light or heavy breakfast, tickle your taste bud in Sumba’s food heritage and eat like a local!

11.30-13.00: East Meets West, Lunch at Warung Gula Garam

Uli Tampubolon via Google Maps

From pecel to pasta and hot tea to fine wine, Warung Gula Garam caters to scrumptious Eastern and Western delicacies. Settled on the strategic main road of Southwest Sumba, this homey restaurant opens from 10AM to 10PM at a reasonable price under Rp100,000 per person.

After that long walk to that savannah hike or a relaxing beach stroll, grab your unforgettable lunch experience at Warung Gula Garam. Browse their infamous homemade pizza because many have recommended this Italian dish. If you prefer Indonesian cuisine, try their signature oxtail soup, savory nasi goreng, or oriental stir-fry vegetables.

The restaurant’s seating area with small tables and chic chairs will remind you of having lunch back home!

14.30-15.30: Coffee and Chill at Soemba Cafe & Resto

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Kick back after midday with a caffeine boost at Soemba Cafe & Resto. Open from 10AM to 10PM, this place nestles in the strategic place of Waikabubak, the capital city of West Sumba.

Feel free to sit under the clear blue sky of Sumba in the outdoor seating or unwind in the comfort of indoor seating. If you want a second lunch, many options are available for your cravings. From rice bowls, Western cuisine, Indonesian dishes to Chinese food, all under Rp80,000 per person.

You can also feed your sweet tooth with an assortment of desserts, such as brownies and doughnuts. Don’t hesitate to choose a set of coffee selections from espresso to matcha fusion, all below Rp40,000. Make sure to complete your chilling moment with a plate of cheese sticks on the side!

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16.30-18.00: Evening Meals in Tropical Vibe at D’Sumba Ate

dsumbaateofficial via

Engage in the traditional tropical setting of D’Sumba Ate while enjoying the rest of the day in Waikabubak, West Sumba. Designed with natural bamboo ornaments from the walls to the unique interior furniture, the place is ideal for your evening meals. Huts in the outdoor area are also available for a more private atmosphere overlooking the lush greenery. D’Sumba Ate is open for business from 10AM to 10PM, ready to satisfy your craving.

A range of Indonesian and Western delicacies served in fine dining plating will elevate your culinary experience in Sumba. Bob recommends you to order the mouth-watering D’Sumba Signature Fried Rice served on banana leaves that will tingle your taste buds. You can also try their selection of seafood made of fresh fish in elaborate garnish. As for refreshment, gulp on the freshness of their various juices.

If you feel like it, you can relish the delightful spa at Rp50,000 per hour. What a fulfilling relaxation in just one stop!

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21.00-22.00: Late Night Dinner at Resto Maguro

Yudha Mezango via Google Maps

Still in the mood for a more culinary adventure? Why not visit the spacious Resto Maguro for your second dinner?

Located near Kampung Tarung, Waikabubak, Resto Maguro is infamous for its top-notch seafood menu, such as grilled fish and fish soup. Just the perfect must-have meal to end the day on the island!

You can hang out in this restaurant until 10PM and loosen up by singing! Yup, one of the best restaurants in Sumba provides you with the most popular entertainment, karaoke corner. A long walk on the island’s splendid landscape, eating the best meals, and finishing it up with karaoke is such a wholesome day, no?

Sumba offers you infinite natural wonders with a touch of deep-rooted local wisdom. Get to know about this heaven-sent and invite yourself to venture into its unique cuisine!

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Bob’s Budget Check

  1. Breakfast at Ro’o Luwa: Rp5,000-40,000 per person
  2. Lunch at Warung Gula Garam: under Rp100,000 per person
  3. Snacks and Coffee at Soemba Cafe & Resto: start from Rp35,000 per person
  4. Evening Meals at D’Soemba Ate: start from Rp50,000 per person
  5. Late Night Dinner at Resto Maguro: start from Rp30,000 per person

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah



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