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Romantic Paradise: 3-Day Sumba Itinerary for Sunset Lovers

Sumba has it all; vast stretches of lush savannah, breathtaking waterfalls, magnificent megalithic tombs within the beautiful village, pristine lagoons, and not to mention their serene and tranquil beaches that offer one of the most picturesque sunsets in the archipelago.

Whether you seek solitude, adventure, intimate moments, or simply quiet contemplation, these picturesque shores and landscapes offer the perfect setting to unwind, reflect, and witness nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle.

So without further ado, pack your bags and let’s unveil the beauty of Sumba!

How to Get There

Though seemingly off-the-grid, getting to this hidden paradise in the rim of volcano’s ring of fire can be accessed through two ways; flight and ferry. 

There are two options for the flights. The first one is a whole day flight from Jakarta (CGK) with transit in Bali (DPS) using airlines such as TransNusa, NamAir, WingsAir, AirAsia, BatikAir, and even Citilink. 

On the other hand, reaching West Sumba (TMC) is also viable via Bali (DPS) for a fairly cheaper price and a shorter time. The airport in Waikabubak is small, and can only land smaller airplanes, but it’s way bigger than the one in Waingapu. 

There’s also the ferry that you can access from Bali. From the Port of Benoa, ride the Pelni ferry to Waingapu Harbor in East Sumba. The whole ferry ride would take around a full day to 37 hours, but it’s much cheaper than the direct flight from Bali. 

You’ll need a car to explore Sumba, preferably with drivers since the island has untamed and tough terrain. But fret not, if you’re choosing to stay at Bobocabin Umarato, there’s airport transfer and a 1-day car rental service available, all inclusive of fuel fee, driver’s pay, and their meals.

Since most of the places you’ll explore in Sumba require long hours of travel, having your personal driver would enhance your experience altogether. You’ll also have the time to rest and relax in-between places.

Our drivers are experienced locals; they’ll also recommend something cool to check out if it’s to your liking, so you’re in safe hands!

Day 1 – Where It All Begins

10:00–11:30 Brunch at Soemba Coffee & Resto

Stretch and freshen up your tired self with a quick pick-me-up in Soemba Coffee & Resto, located just half an hour from Bobocabin Umarato. 

Their pancake and club sandwich along with matcha espresso fusion prove to be the perfect brunch to start up your adventure in Sumba.

If you’re looking for a heavier meal, they have the usual rice bowls, Swedish meatballs, and various Indonesian delicacies like Nasi Betutu.

11:45–13:00 Explore Megalithic Wonders at Tarung Village

sumba house

Ever wonder how the Marapu, indigenous people of Sumba live day-to-day?

Pay a visit to the Tarung Village. There are approximately 100 traditional ‘menara’ houses with high straw roofing. Each house is a family home for up to three generations.

Do ask for permission from the village’s leader and locals before exploring further deep into the village. Aside from common decency, there’s some places that’s restricted and even forbidden for outsiders, so better be safe than sorry!

sumba house

While you’re here, check out their megalithic traditional stone tombs and dolmen for a quick history lesson. Don’t forget to prepare some cash to reward your local guide for their service, or for a donation to the village itself!

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13:30–17:15 Witness the Beauty of Waikuri Lagoon

waikuri lagoon

Delphine Fant via Unsplash

Late afternoon is the best time to visit Waikuri Lagoon. Known for its shallow and crystal clear water, Waikuri is a heaven for photo dumps, swimming, or both.

Upon entrance, you’re required to pay for a ticket, but make sure to bring extra cash. It’s quite a hike to reach Waikuri Lagoon, so taking your comfortable footwear might be a great choice. But overall, the hard work is paid off by the pristine view.

17:30–18:30 Catch the Sunset at Mandorak Beach

Mandorak Beach

Elyse Woanders via Instagram

Before the sun begins to set, make sure you’re already on your way to Mandorak Beach, located just three minutes away from Waikuri Lagoon. 

The humble nook of a shoreline proves to have one of the beautiful sunsets of Sumba, enhanced by two cliffs facing each other, creating some sort of pathway to sunset paradise. 

If you’d like to see more of the sea, you can hike and chill on top of either cliff. Don’t forget to bring your own snacks and picnic mat!

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18:40–21:30 On-bound to Wanokaka and Check-in at Bobocabin Umarato

Once the sun sets, the night takes turns welcoming you to Sumba. 

Aside from long drives at night, having a local driver from Bobocabin car rental would be helpful to know your way around. The journey home from Mandorak to Bobocabin Umarato takes about two and a half hours.

22:00 Freshen up and BBQ Dinner with Bobocabin

night at bobocabin

Once checked in, do indulge in the ultimate comfort of your cabin. Take the time to freshen up and unpack at your home in Bobocabin for the next two days.

Since there’s no available place to get a late-night bite, booking Bobocabin’s BBQ & Steamboat package would be a fun activity to have with your loved ones.

There are also mini fireworks and card game rentals provided by Bobocabin, so make sure to try those out too before having a good night’s sleep!

Day 2 – Getting Around The Island

03:00–06:00 Bask in the Morning Sunshine of Wairinding Hills

Wairinding Hills

Reza Irawan via Unsplash

They say the early bird gets the worm.

In this case, you’ll get the most hauntingly beautiful sunrise in Wairinding Hills. Do make sure you’ve already booked your car with Bobocabin prior to your journey.

Since it’s a long ride, stock up your snacks and sweets. You can purchase it at any time from asking your Bobocabin host.

In three hours, you’ll arrive in the lush Wairinding Hills basking in the morning sunlight. Take one for the ‘gram or keep the view to yourself—either way, go enjoy yourself. You earned it.

Different seasons will affect your experience here. Dry season around July–October would give you a safari-like experience, while lush green grass will greet you every wet season around November–June.

08:00–09:00 Breakfast at Rumah Makan Sumba & Miracle Bakery

Along the way to your next destination, stop by Rumah Makan Sumba & Miracle Bakery in Waingapu for a decadent breakfast.

Open from 6 AM, they provide delicious bread, jajan pasar, risoles, and main dishes alike. 

09:30–13:00 Wild Horse Watching at Savana Puru Kambera

Savana Puru Kambera

Febiyan R via Unsplash

Still can’t get enough of the savannah? We got you.

Witness the wild horses in their own habitat at Savana Puru Kambera that will surely transport you to a whole ‘nother world.

Since the sun is high up, don’t forget to bring your own sunscreen and hats.

13:30–15:00 Lunch at Morinda Restaurant

Morinda Restaurant is the definition of lunch with a view. Though the food and drinks are just okay, the view is worth taking a shot at. You get to rest for a bit and enjoy the refreshing breeze of the hills and river.

16:00–18:30 Indulge in the Enchanting Sunset of Walakiri Beach

Walakiri Beach

Sutirta Budiman via Unsplash

Brace yourself for the highlight of your whole trip to Sumba: Witnessing the sun sets in Walakiri Beach.

The combination of graceful mangrove trees and crisp seawater mirroring the purplish sky above can render anyone breathless! 

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19:00–21:15 Dinner at La Paranda

Dinnertime is pleasant at La Paranda.

Despite being conveniently located on your way home to Wanokaka, its warm atmosphere will surely leave a sweet sentimental note to your adventure in Sumba.

The ride home from Waingapu would take up to four hours, so take some naps along the way before getting fully replenished with better sleep in Bobocabin.

Day 3–It’s a Sayonara for Now

08:00 Morning Breakfast at Bobocabin

bobocabin aerial view

Too tired from yesterday’s adventure? Order breakfast straight to your cabin terrace with no fuss for an additional fee.

Take some time to walk around the premises and recharge your body before catching your flight or ferry back home. If you’re still up for more adventures, check out Rua Beach horseback rides provided by Bobocabin.

You can also indulge in a relaxing Sumbanese massage in Bobocabin. It’s available per guest’s request, so make sure to contact your host prior to booking.

There are two available packages tailored to your needs; a quick and much-needed 1-hour massage, or the longer 2-hour to spoil yourself a little bit more. Check out more on what you can do in Umarato through our playbook

Saying goodbye to Sumba is hard, especially when you haven’t explored half of the beautiful destinations yet. 

Whenever you want to come back and pick up where you left off, Bobocabin Umarato Sumba will always be here waiting to provide you with the best journey you’ll ever have!

Bob’s Budget Check:

  • Updated prices on Bobocabin Umarato, horseback riding in Rua Beach, Sumbanese Massage, BBQ and car rental services are here.
  • Soemba Coffee & Resto: start from Rp60.000/pax
  • Rumah Makan Sumba & Miracle Bakery: start from Rp40.000/pax
  • Morinda Restaurant: start from Rp80.000/pax
  • La Paranda: start from Rp80.000/pax
  • Always have cash (break the bill/notes into smaller ones, 10s, 20s, and 50s are preferable) on hand every day in Sumba, at least Rp200.000/pax. 


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