Have a Fancy Dinner Date at night in ubud

Cultural Nightlife in Ubud: 6 Memorable Things to Do in Ubud at Night

Traveling to Bali won’t feel complete unless you’ve traveled to Ubud, where you can find fun activities, learn the culture, and be in touch with your spirituality. Everything is there for you to explore, even until late at night.

Nightlife in Ubud is much more vibrant, ranging from chill dinner dates to grand shows at the royal palace. You’ll certainly discover something new in every corner.

So, to experience Ubud to the fullest, here are all you need to know about Ubud’s nightlife: find out more about Ubud, why it’s a must-visit, and five memorable things to do in Ubud at night!

About Ubud

About Ubud

Photo: Matthew Waring via Unsplash

Ubud is a town in Bali filled with vast fields of rice paddies and lush green tropical jungles. The town is known as an art and cultural hub where people flock to connect and learn.

If other parts of Bali are the places to be active, then Ubud is the perfect place for some downtime, where you can explore the many cultural wonders at your own pace.

There are two most convenient ways to get to Ubud: renting a vehicle (a motorbike or car), or hailing a taxi. To minimize the risks of being scammed, though, it’s better to book one through online ride-hailing services.

It’s best to visit Ubud between June to September. This way, you’ll get a clear sunny sky during the day and cool, breezy weather during the evenings.

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Why You Should Visit Ubud

Why You Should Visit Ubud - things to do in ubud at night

Ubud offers a sense of healing like no other—the sight of green valleys and historical sites will give you a glimpse of another unique side of Bali.

As Ubud is located in the cool highland, you’ll get a more laid-back atmosphere that draws people looking to relax and unwind from the busy lives of the city.

The tranquil nature of Ubud also inspires the creation of many art pieces. There are various art studios to visit from paintings to performing arts. Art lovers will definitely be spoiled with only the best pieces.

Aside from that, there are numerous historical sites that tell the story of Balinese culture and traditions. They’re well-preserved, making them not only educational but also a great photo spot.

Even at night, you’ll still be able to enjoy all of Ubud’s appeals. Still hesitant to go? You won’t be for much longer. Find out the best things to do in Ubud in the following section!

6 Awesome Things to Do in Ubud

1. Watch Traditional Dance Show

Watch Traditional Dance Show

Photo: traveloka.com

Ubud’s traditional dance show—the Balinese Legong and Barong Dance—is something that you can’t find anywhere else. At Puri Saren Royal Palace, you’ll be able to watch various cultural events with the regal mansion as the backdrop.

The show involves dancers clad in their most exquisite and extravagant traditional attire, accompanied by music produced by a gamelan orchestra, which is a type of traditional instrument used in many traditional shows and ceremonies.

Bobocabin Bobobox

2. Try Out Authentic Local Foods at Ubud Night Market

Try Out Authentic Local Foods at Ubud Night Market

Photo: hotels.com

The Ubud Night Market is a culinary hotspot where you can try various menus in one place. After all, you can’t say you’ve traveled somewhere unless you’ve tried its local foods. 

Most of the foods served at the stalls are fried, ranging from potatoes, tofu, to deep-fried bananas (which is a dish unique to Indonesia!).

Aside from snacks, you can also get full meals such as babi guling or roasted pork and desserts such as terang bulan, a type of stuffed pancake brimming with a selection of toppings.

3. Get a Night Spa Treatment

Spa Ubud Bali

Sumber: https://thehoneycombers.com/

Looking to just spend your night relaxing? After a long day of exploring Bali, you can get yourself a great massage appointment at The Dragonfly Village.

Located at Ubud’s highland, you’ll be spoiled with a herbal spa session. All the herbs used are entirely natural and can get you relaxed in a matter of seconds. By the end of your appointment, you’ll surely be refreshed and will be able to be more in touch with yourself.

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4. Have a Fancy Dinner Date

Have a Fancy Dinner Date

Photo: Mozaic

Do you prefer to sit down and enjoy dinner surrounded by candle lights? Plan a fancy dinner date at Mozaic, a fine dining restaurant that creates a vintage French atmosphere with the perfect view of its open green gardens.

The restaurant is the embodiment of elegance, with chandeliers adorning its ceilings and warm lighting to set the mood. It’s the place to go for those who wants to woo their partners. Lovebirds had better not miss out!

5. Hike Mount Batur to See the Sunrise

Hike Mount Batur to See the Sunrise

Photo: Abigail Dalton via igoa-adventure.com

If you seek a magical moment during your stay in Bali, the sunrise at Mount Batur is a splendid view of orange and pastel you should see at least once in your lifetime.

To see a one-of-a-kind view, it’s best to start your hike at 2 AM. Take the Batur Sunrise trek, where you can meet fellow travelers and make new friends along the way.

Don’t forget to take a picture to immortalize the moment forever!

6. Enjoy Nightlife in Ubud

if you want to, you can enjoy nightlife in ubud laughing buddha bar

Photo: hotel.com

Do you want to have fun with your friends in Ubud?

One thing you can do is visit Ubud nightclub. Ubud is one of a largely cultural city; you can enjoy many nightclubs or bars to party into the night. You can enjoy cocktails and tapas, and the restaurant offers the best Balinese and continental snacks for your party. With multiple pool tables, a dance floor and a live band set, this vibe can rock your nightlife in Ubud.

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Start the Hike Right from Your Doorstep at Bobocabin Ubud

Bobocabin Ubud Bali Indonesia at Night

You won’t need to travel far. By staying at Bobocabin Ubud, you can have a great night’s sleep before starting your hike at Mount Batur early in the dawn.

Powered by the Internet of Things, you can give yourself some privacy with the smart window, adjust the lighting to enhance your comfort, and put on some music for a great ambience—all within your fingertips.

Feeling like grilling? Go make some BBQ with your loved ones for some quality time. To close the night off, enjoy the warmth of your very own campfire under the stars.

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