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The Ultimate Skin Care Routine and Tips While Traveling

Traveling is a fun way to unwind, but it can also bring about various skin problems due to differences in weathers and air condition. That’s why in your travels or on the go maintaining your skincare routine is essential for your skin condition.

Unfortunately, you can’t bring every one of your skincare products during your travels. Airlines usually have strict regulations on the size and amount of liquids or creams you can bring on the plane.

As such, you’ll need to plan which skin care product to bring on your journey. Let’s dive into the ultimate travel skin care routine and some skincare tips for travelers!

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine While Traveling

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine While Traveling

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Not only does bringing full-sized skincare products take up a lot of space, but it also violate the airline guideline. When you exceed the limit, you risk having your products confiscated.

Be sure to put only the essentials in travel-size containers. This way, apart from saving up some space, your products won’t get taken away.

Here are some essential skincare products to bring during your travels (be sure to use every one of them as a part of your routine!): 

1. Sunscreen



You can’t go anywhere without sunscreen, one of the best and easiest ways to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In turn, apply sunscreen in your skin is essential to protect your skin from sunburn during a sunny day.

Aside from that, sunscreen can also prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Apply it every day, especially on the face, chest, and other areas that are more likely to be exposed to the sun.

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2. Moisturizer



Traveling can dry out your skin, especially if you’re exposed to the dry air inside the airplane or any air-conditioned room. Being in areas like that can quickly suck the moisture out of your skin!

So don’t forget to bring moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Applying it can protect your skin from friction, cover skin fissures or blemishes, and slow the signs of aging by keeping your skin elastic.

3. Mist Spray

Mist Spray

Photo: Yan Krukau via Pexels

Another great way to keep your skin moisturized is by using mist spray. Not only is it meant for hydration, but it also usually comes with nutrients and antioxidants. With only a simple spritz on your face, you can enjoy all the health benefits.

Mist spray is also a great way to stay refreshed, especially if you’re traveling somewhere tropical. It won’t leave your skin dry for long, and your skin will be instantly soothed after being exposed to the blazing sun.

4. Facial Wipes

Facial Wipes


Facial wipes are useful not only to remove makeup, but also any type of dirt that gets stuck on your skin.

While you can use one usually provided by the hotel, it might not be suitable for your skin type and thus can end up damaging your skin. 

Facial wipes are also convenient; you don’t need any water to use them, so it’s a great alternative while you’re on the move.

Whether it is during a flight or on the seaside, you can whip up facial wipes quickly anytime you like and discard them as easily.

5. Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser

Photo: cottonbro studio via Pexels

For a more thorough cleansing, you’ll still need a facial cleanser. It can be used to rid your skin of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and many other types of pollutants. By clearing your pores, it prevents various skin damage such as acne.

Just make sure that you don’t do it too much within a day though. If you use it way too much or too aggressively, your skin may become dry, irritated, and red.

6. Eye Cream

Eye Cream


Though exciting, traveling can also be stressful and tiring since you have to navigate and explore various unfamiliar places. During that situation, your eyes can grow puffy. After all, the area beneath your eyes is quite sensitive.

To soothe it, you can use eye cream. Eye cream rejuvenates the skin—even the skin tone—and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.

7. Face Mask

Face Mask


After a long day of traveling, you can lie back and relax by using a face mask. It usually contains various nutrients that are good for your skin. In the short term, it can even soothe any inflammation or irritation.

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Skincare Tips for Travelers

Skincare Tips for Travelers You Might Need (1)


Now that you know the skincare routine to follow, here are some skincare tips to abide by during your travels:

1. Avoid Touching Your Face Too Much

Especially if you haven’t washed your hands. This can cause dirt and pollutants to stick to your skin and later clog your pores.’

2. Always Remove Your Makeup

no matter how tired you are. Leftover makeup can clog your pores and cause a breakout.

3. Keep Your Skincare Products with You at All Times

preferably in a pouch. Think of it as your emergency kit—you never know when you need to reapply your sunscreen, use your mist, or take off your makeup.

4. Hydrate from the Inside Too

Not just hydrate from the outside, you’ll need to hydrate from the inside too. To keep your skin in the best condition, drink enough water and eat antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Your skin will produce protective cytokines when you sleep, which will help guard your skin against damage caused by free radicals.

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