A quiet street in Bandung - things to do in Bandung

Top 7 Exciting Things to Do in Bandung for First-Time Visitors

Are you looking for the best way to spend your vacation outside of your hometown? Bandung has a lot to offer for you!

Nicknamed the City of Flowers, Bandung is not just as beautiful as its epithet but lively and full of adventure. You can find these attributes in every corner of the city, day to night. Not to mention each destination is accessible, making the journey in Bandung easier for first-timers. 

Don’t believe us? Here are things to do in Bandung that will be guaranteed to blow your mind!

How Many Days in Bandung?

A street in Bandung - things to do in Bandung

Photo: uji kanggo gumilang via Unsplash

Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia, so we recommend spending around 3–4 days for a balanced and fulfilling experience. This timeframe will allow you to explore the city’s main attractions with ease while also leaving room for leisure activities.

Additionally, it will also give you time to venture out of the town’s border, going as far as the hills and mountains. These areas, like Lembang and Ciwidey, are known to be some of Bandung’s natural gems.

Getting Around Bandung

There are several convenient ways to get around and explore Bandung. Here are the best options:

1. Rental Cars

Rental cars are most suitable for those who prefer flexibility in their travels. This will allow you to go around Bandung without having to wait for taxis or getting caught in the rain, considering this town is famous for its unexpected weather change.

On the downside, renting a car could be expensive, starting at around Rp400,000 a day.

2. Ride-Hailing Services

If you still want to be flexible with your time but save money at the same time, you can choose ride-hailing services. Apps like Grab, Gojek, and InDriver are available at your service in Bandung for 24 hours.

3. Public Transport

This last one is reserved for those who seek adventure on a budget! Getting on public transport such as buses, angkot (public minivan), or trains will allow you to explore every nook and cranny of the city.

However, you have to be more patient with this one knowing how jam-packed Bandung can be at times.

7 Things to Do in Bandung for First-Timers

Bandung is a huge place with lots and lots to explore. Not sure what to do first? Here are seven things to try if you’re new to the city!

1. Walk Around Braga Street

Colorful mural at Braga street - things to do in Bandung

Photo: Divertimento via Google Maps

  • Address: 3JJ5+WQV, Jalan, Braga, Sumurbandung, Bandung City, West Java 40111 (Gmaps)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

This might be a cliche for locals or avid Bandung travelers, but for first-timers, going to Braga is a must!

The street is home to many colonial buildings that haven’t been redecorated, even just a tiny bit of it. That’s why some people call it Little Dutch of Bandung because of how it reminds them of the small towns in the Netherlands.

You can find everything you want here, from art pieces, street food, restaurants, cafes, pubs, to even clothing stores.

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2. Explore Alun-Alun Bandung

Aerial view of Alun-Alun Bandung - things to do in Bandung

Photo: Cci De via Google Maps

  • Address: Jl. Asia Afrika, Balongede, Kecamatan Regol, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat (Gmaps)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

Not too far from Braga Street is Alun-Alun Bandung. “Alun-alun”, which means “square” in English, is the heart of Bandung. This area is alive with electric crowds, murals, and cultural events.

In the evening, the square transforms into a bustling night market, right next to the iconic Grand Mosque of Bandung. You can browse through a different range of stalls selling food, handicrafts, clothing, all locally made products!

3. Shop at Pasar Baru

A person shopping at one of the shops in Pasar Baru - things to do in Bandung

Photo: Undang Lg via Google Maps

  • Address: Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata No.152, Kb. Jeruk, Kec. Andir, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40181 (Gmaps)
  • Opening hours: 10 AM–06 PM

Lo and behold, Bandung’s oldest and most expansive market popular for its textiles and handicrafts!

Exploring Pasar Baru is one of the essential things to do in Bandung; you’ll get to see how local artisans and other sellers work in the city, and how they help elevate Bandung’s local market nationally. You can try the products or even taste some if they’re kind enough!

4. Check Out Lengkong’s Night Market

Various street foods bought at Lengkong’s Night Market - things to do in Bandung

Photo: Endy Tertana via Google Maps

  • Address: 3JG8+FVX, Jl. Lengkong Kecil, Paledang, Kec. Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40261 (Gmaps)
  • Opening hours: 6 PM–3 AM

If Pasar Baru isn’t enough, continue your journey to Lengkong’s Night Market! Once the sun sets, this place transforms into a renowned culinary street full of Indonesian and international delicacies.

You can find everything here, and by that, we mean everything: Korean barbecue, Japanese souffle, Chinese fried baby crabs, kebabs—everything! The market opens until late at night so no rush coming here whatsoever.

5. Relish Bandung’s Signature Restaurants

A plate of delightful Sundanese dish

Photo: Vicky Widjaja via Google Maps

Exploring multiple restaurants in a city is a delightful way to savor the diverse flavors and vibrant culinary scene that define its culture. Bandung has many signature restaurants that serve yummy delicacies. Here are some of the restaurants worth visiting in Bandung.

  • Dapoer Pandang Wangi (Sundanese menu, Gmaps, 11 AM–10 PM)
  • Raja Sunda (Sundanese menu, Gmaps, 10 AM–09 PM)
  • Warung Nasi Bu Imas (Sundanese menu, Gmaps, 10 AM–11:30 PM)
  • Warung Kopi Imah Babaturan (Indonesian menu, Gmaps, 07 AM–10 PM)
  • Alas Daun (Sundanese menu, Gmaps, 10 AM -10 PM)
  • RM Ampera (Sundanese menu, Gmaps, 09 AM–11 PM)
  • Plataran Bandung (Indonesian menu, Gmaps, 07 AM–10 PM)
  • Gijon Steakhouse (Steak menu, Gmaps, 11 AM–11:30 PM)
  • Nonna Osteria (Italian menu, Gmaps, 10 AM–10 PM) 
  • Paskal Food Market (Diverse menu, Gmaps, 11 AM–late)

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6. Explore Ciwidey’s Tea Plantation

Tea plantation in Bandung

Photo: Faisal via Unsplash

  • Address: Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat (Gmaps)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

The view of Ciwidey’s lush green tea fields stretching across the landscape is a sight for sore eyes, perfect to end your trip in Bandung before you go home.

The fresh, cool mountain air creates a calm atmosphere. The sound of nature also adds to the peaceful experience, giving you a much-needed break from your mundane life. It is truly a moment where you can truly connect with the beauty of nature!

7. Visit Lembang and Its Greenery

Photo: Bimo Prasetyo via Unsplash

Like Ciwidey, Lembang is situated a little bit further from the city. However, the view of this secluded area near the mountains is worth the long journey.

You will be surrounded by tall pine trees and tea plantations all around. Not to mention the many activities you can do here, such as archery, paintball, or food hunting.

Here are some of Lembang’s best places to visit:

  • Great Asia Africa (Gmaps, 9 AM–5 PM)
  • Floating Market (Gmaps, 9 AM–6 PM)
  • Farmhouse Susu Lembang (Gmaps, 9 AM–6 PM)
  • Kebun Begonia (Gmaps, 8 AM–5 PM)
  • Orchid Forest Cikole (Gmaps, 9 AM–6 PM)
  • Bandung Treetop Adventure (Gmaps, 8 AM–4:30 PM)

Bobocabin Cikole amidst pine trees

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Writer: Samala Mahadi

Header image by: Neermana Studio via Unsplash



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