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Whimsical Weekend in Kawah Putih: Romantic Getaway Guide

Sometimes, our schedules and endless workloads drive us away from the people that we love. In these trying times, it’s very crucial to make some quality time with your significant other; to be familiar with each other again, to reminisce, or simply, to fall in love all over again.

For some, Kawah Putih is a nostalgic place; West Javanese people must’ve visited the place at least once in their life, and most of the time, when they were just kids. Going back to this place with someone special will not only be a trip full of new core memories – it will also refresh you and drive you closer together.

So without further ado, here’s our 2-day guide to a whimsical weekend full of love in Kawah Putih, West Java!

Day 1

09.00 – 10.00: Breakfast at Warung Nasi Situ Hayang

Muslim Syamsul Basri via Google Maps

Start off your journey by a much-needed breakfast at Waroeng Nasi Situ Hayang. The humble and homey Sundanese warung is located just before Rancabali, so you must’ve driven by it on your way to Kawah Putih.

The dishes that they offered are pretty much simple, no-frills Sundanese dishes; from turmeric-marinated fried chicken, grilled gourami that is sweet and smokey, and a fresh bowl of karedok that will tickle your taste buds and wake you up. And since strawberries are Ciwidey’s most prized commodity, you can also try out strawberry crisps here!

10.30 – 12.00: Heal Your Inner Child Together in Kawah Putih

Panji Adhi via Uns

Panji Adhi via Unsplash

Kawah Putih was first documented by  Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, a Dutch-German botanist and adventurer, in the 1800s. His expedition led to many discoveries, one of them being Kawah Putih, a crater lake that is now being utilized as a tourist spot in Mount Patuha.

The blue-greenish water changes color depending on the sulphuric concentration, temperature, and oxidation, leaving a hauntingly beautiful and mystical view. Though it’s quite packed on weekends, coming here with your loved ones makes everything worth it.

12.30 – 15.00: Romantic Picnic at Situ Patenggang

Sendi Gibran via Unsplash

West Java is well known for its beautiful lakes, and Situ Patenggang is no exception. Located in Rancabali, you can rent out a boat to sail around as you take in the breathtaking view. However, because of its touristic nature, there might be a little bit of a crowded line for the boat.

But not to worry! The grassy fields on the shorelines prove to be the perfect setting for a romantic lunch picnic. There’s plenty of strawberry sellers scattered all around the area, and you can also bring your own food.

Take the time to pause and just lay back, feeling the warmth of the sun against the cold air. Cherish the moment.

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16.00 – 17.30: Check In and Explore Bobocabin Ranca Upas

Ever wondered how it would be to spend a night at a hi-tech cabin amidst the forest? Look no further, as Bobocabin Ranca Upas is there to welcome you to the experience!

Each of the cabins are equipped with easy access; you can use your phone to get in and out without having to worry about misplaced keycards. Furthermore, your stay will be more personalized thanks to B-Pad, a smart hub that can control anything such as operating the cabin’s smart window, adjusting lighting to your liking, or even connecting your device to the cabin’s bluetooth speaker.

After you settle in, take as much time as you like to explore the area. For those who didn’t get a chance to row a boat down in Situ Patenggang, feel free to ask the host to borrow a boat for you to row your own on Bobocabin’s own lake. A little Ariel and Eric moment wouldn’t hurt, would it?

18.00 – 20.00: BBQ Dinner Under the Stars

Booking The Perfect Feast package in Bobocabin Ranca Upas will be the greatest choice you’ll ever make, because nothing is more romantic than to have a BBQ in front of your cabin under Ciwidey’s stars. Imagine the warmth of grilling your dinner together amidst the cold air! 

Enjoy spreads of high-quality beef and chicken, as well as decadent mashed potatoes and veggies – sure to delight your palate! You and your loved one deserve the romantic night, so let Bobocabin handle the rest. 

21.00: Get Warm and Cozy

Oh, have we mentioned that The Perfect Feast package also comes with the comfiest, rich, hot chocolate? Well, now you know!

After the delightful BBQ dinner, you can ask the host for your hot chocolate, as well as some games for you and your loved one to rent. Competitive ones at heart can play a few rounds of UNO, but for you who want to just have a nice, chill time, you can opt for tentangKita cards to get to know your partner better. 

You can also rent a bonfire pit; making your own midnight snacks like marshmallows or corn as you get cozy with your partner by the fire.

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Day 2

06.00 – 08.00: Deer-Feeding at Kampung Cai

Zalfa Imani via Unsplash

After a nice and fulfilling breakfast at Bobobox, head uphill to Kampung Cai to see beautiful deers flocking around! Carrots are your new best friends, since the deers love them so much. As the sun rises, you’re revealed to a magnificent green backdrop of forests and morning mist, making this the perfect moment for a great picture.

Aside from deer-feeding, you can also enjoy numerous activities in Kampung Cai, like swimming pools and hot springs, ready to take all your burdens away for a little while.

08.30 – 10.00: Check Out and Strawberry Picking at Ichigo Ciwidey

Ichigo Farm Ciwidey via Instagram

After you freshen up and check out from Bobocabin, a trip in the Ciwidey region isn’t complete without picking your strawberries! The cold temperature proves to be the perfect area to cultivate strawberries, and there are many gardens and plantations to visit. Even restaurants usually have their own strawberries garden so patrons can partake in the activity.

If you’re unsure where to go, Ichigo Farm Ciwidey might be a good place to start. Aside from the spacious garden, their strawberries are bright red, big, and fresh; that’s a good deal right there! Aside from that, picking your strawberries can be a cute mini date to have before you end your romantic getaway here.

Make Your Own Fairytale

Whimsical fairy tales don’t always have to be expensive, and Bobocabin Ranca Upas can be the testament to that. Everyday is a celebration here, whether you’re looking for a short break or just a piece of romantic paradise. After spending a whole day full of exciting activities, there’s no better way to end the exploration on a good note than to get a restful night at Bobocabin.

Celebrate your love with Bobocabin now!


Author: Al Azka Zuraida



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