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5 Things to Do for a Sustainable Trip in Bali

Known for its paradisiacal landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Bali has travelers from all around the world enchanted for decades.

However, as more people grow environmental consciousness, sustainable tourism has taken center stage. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility each of us holds toward the planet.

As we embark on journeys to explore the world, what we do has the power to shape the future of our very own destinations. Now, in the center of this spirit lies Bali, a place where sustainable tourism finds fertile ground.

A sustainable trip in Bali, indeed, is something worth looking into. Let’s discover five compelling ways to achieve this, and preserve Bali’s beauty one choice at a time!

Your Guide to a Sustainable Trip in Bali

1. Artful Shopping at Ubud’s Markets: Where Culture Meets Conservation

Art market Ubud for sustainable trip in Bali

Photo: rikirisnandar via Pixabay

Start your sustainable trip in Bali with Ubud. As the cultural heart of Bali, this town pulsates with vibrant art markets.

As you explore these bustling hubs of creativity, always remember to bring your own shopping bag. Don’t have one? Worry not, lots of vendors make and sell their own eco-friendly bags. A chance to own a piece of Balinese craft while supporting small local businesses? Yes, please!

This stems from Bali having embraced the no-plastic movement, obliging visitors to minimize their environmental footprint.

By carrying your reusable bag, not only do you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste, but you also support local merchants who offer unique, intricate crafts and textiles that encapsulate Bali’s artistic essence.

And you know what? You can look good while reducing waste when you carry your own tote bag!

2. Dine Responsibly at Warungs and Sustainable Eateries: Savoring a Greener Culinary Journey

The Elephant Ubud dining room

Photo: joannetrzcinski via IG @theelephantubud

In Bali’s culinary landscape, a lot of eateries now hold zero-waste principles. From the inception of food manufacturing to meal service, these locales adhere to sustainable practices.

Ijen in Kerobokan champions these principles by offering a range of delectable, ethically sourced options to satisfy your appetite. Even cooler, Ijen also makes use of recyclable wood for its structures, further enforcing its zero-waste ethos!

If you’re nowhere near Kerobokan, opt for a culinary delight at The Elephant in Ubud where chemical-free veggies sourced from local farmers grace your plate. Nothing feels quite like a true farm-to-table experience…

3. Thrifting Adventures: Style with Substance

Thrifting during your sustainable in Bali

Photo: Kaylin Pacheco via Unsplash

Your sustainable trip in Bali isn’t complete without a thrifting adventure. For fashion enthusiasts, Bali’s sustainable shopping scene beckons. 

The Conscious Society in Canggu stands as a haven for conscious consumers, albeit slightly spendier. Here, quality meets sustainability, with each purchase resonating with ethical fashion principles.

However, if a lower price point is a priority, Pasar Kodok in Tabanan is your friend. By purchasing pre-loved clothing and accessories, you help reduce the demand for new production and its associated environmental impacts.

4. Volunteer and Give Back: Leaving a Positive Imprint

Bali’s beauty is undeniable, but its conservation requires collective efforts. Allow yourself the opportunity to give back through engaging with NGOs and conservatory projects.

A pair of hands holding baby sea turtle

Photo: Daria Gordova via Unsplash

Some organizations to consider include The Bali Sea Turtle Society, which offers the heartwarming opportunity to release turtle hatchlings into the sea.

Doesn’t it feel good, knowing that you play a part in the survival of these baby sea turtles? Who knows, maybe you could swim with the hatchlings and recreate that scene from Finding Nemo.

Another volunteer option could be the North Bali Coral Reef Conservation initiative, which champions the restoration of marine ecosystems.

However, if you’re not keen on getting your feet wet, you can direct your attention to community engagement. At Jalin Mimpi, you can take part in community teaching during weekend classes. After all, teaching can be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding, too!

If feeding your soul is not enough, it’s time to feed others by joining Ragam Foundation in their mission to better the nutrition intake for those who need it. It’s truly all about giving here in Bali.

5. Mindful Encounters with Bali’s Nature: A Pact of Respect

Lastly, when venturing on a sustainable trip in Bali, it’s important to remember that amidst the allure of Bali’s landscapes, the golden rule is to leave no trace.

Whether we’re traversing the verdant hills, strolling through serene gardens, marveling at the intricate rice terraces, or basking on pristine beaches, each of our visits should be spotless.

The symbiotic relationship between travelers and nature flourishes when mindful exploration becomes a way of life, and it starts with us.

For the Environmentally Conscious: Tranquil Haven, Rooted in Sustainability

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Bali while doing your part in sustainable tourism, look no further than Bobocabin Ubud or Bobocabin Kintamani.

Bobocabin and the hill view surrounding it

When compromising comfort and sustainability is not an option, Bobocabin is your best bet! Here, we support sustainable tourism in the form of effective waste management, the provision of wooden toiletries, and the presence of drinkable water filter units.

By choosing Bobocabin as your stay, you’re aligning with an eco-conscious ethos without diminishing your enjoyment of Bali’s natural beauty.

What’s Next? Writing the Story of Bali’s Sustainable Future

As we tread the path of exploration, our choices resonate beyond our personal experiences. Bali, with its breathtaking vistas and vibrant culture, offers the canvas upon which sustainable tourism paints its masterpiece.

By shopping responsibly, indulging in mindful dining, engaging with local conservation projects, and cherishing nature with respect, you become the main character in Bali’s sustainable narrative.

Let’s remember that our every step and choice plays a part in nurturing this beauty. As you bid farewell to Bali, carry the torch of sustainable travel, illuminating a path that blends wanderlust with responsibility.



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