Rumah Makan Selera Indonesia - 15 Best Restaurants in Semarang

Culinary Delights: 15 Best Restaurants in Semarang

If you want to experience the authentic ‘Makanan khas Indonesia‘ in Semarang, there’s plenty to choose from. Semarang not only offers historical and cultural destinations to satisfy your desire to learn, but the city also provides a wide array of culinary delights to fulfill all your cravings. After all, the way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach!

The city has some of the best unique dishes you could ever try. Tasting the local food is one of the best ways to experience Semarang’s culture and explore the city to the fullest.

So before you plan your trip, be sure to note down the best restaurants in Semarang and some must-try dishes you should never miss during your stay!

15 Best Restaurants in Semarang

1. Toko Oen

Toko Oen


Location: Jl. Pemuda No.52, Bangunharjo, Kec. Semarang Tengah, Semarang City, Central Java 50138

The first best restaurant in Semarang has been around since 1936, older than the country itself!

Toko Oen offers dishes originated from Europe, China, and Java. Their signature dish includes Lumpia Semarang and a variety of delicious ice cream.

This place opens every day from 10.00–21.00 WIB. Located in a well-preserved European-style building, it gives off nostalgic vibes and fits for family meals. The price range starts from Rp15,000–Rp300,000.

2. Restoran Kampung Laut

Restoran Kampung Laut

Photo: Hafidz S B via Google Maps

Location: Puri Maerokoco Tawang Mas, Jl. Anjasmoro Raya, Tawangsari, Kec. Semarang Barat, Semarang City, Central Java 50144

Located at a beach, this restaurant offers fresh seafood dishes sourced directly from the sea. One delectable option is ‘ikan bakar,’ or grilled fish. Additionally, you can savor your meal while sitting on a mat at a low table in an open space with a breathtaking view of the picturesque ocean.

You can enjoy mouth-watering seafood starting from only Rp20,000. Be sure to visit the restaurant between its operating hours of 11.00–22.00 WIB.

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3. Pesta Keboen Restoran

Pesta Keboen Restoran

Photo: pestakeboen via Instagram

Location: Jl. Veteran No.29, Lempongsari, Kec. Gajahmungkur, Semarang City, Central Java 50231

Would you rather try out classic Javanese dishes during your stay in Semarang? Then Pesta Keboen Restoran is the best place to start.

The restaurant has an old-timey concept that feels both homey and welcoming, with various retro trinkets you won’t usually find at other restaurants.

Their concept is consistent right down to the menu, where you can see everything spelled in the old way of spelling. It’s affordable too—the food starts from Rp15,000–Rp50,000.

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4. Rumah Makan Selera Indonesia

Rumah Makan Selera Indonesia

Photo: Anggun Puspita via

Location: Jl. Sultan Agung No.117, Gajahmungkur, Kec. Gajahmungkur, Semarang City, Central Java 50232

Another restaurant with a great selection of local dishes, Rumah Makan Selera Indonesia offers homestyle-cooked foods and beverages that feel like visiting your grandma’s home.

They put the food on display buffet-style so you can pick what you want to eat, with a starting price of only Rp7,500. The restaurant is surrounded by a serene garden that provides a cool breeze and comfy shade.

5. Koenokoeni Cafe Gallery

Koenokoeni Cafe Gallery


Location: Jl.Tabanan No.4, Tegalsari, Kec. Candisari, Semarang City, Central Java 50614

In the mood of visiting a unique restaurant? Koenokoeni Cafe Gallery offers a vintage wooden interior that feels almost grand in its own sense.

You’ll be greeted by a large wooden door and various wooden furniture, including a one-of-a-kind vintage clock that runs on wind power. It’ll feel like stepping into the past. 

Enjoy a great time and a selection of a mix of Western and local foods at the price range of Rp20,000 to Rp200,000. Koenokoeni Cafe Gallery opens at 11.00–22.00 WIB every day.

6. The Hills Dining Restaurant

The Hills Dining Restaurant


Location: Royal Park–Bukit Sari, Jl. Bukit Baladewa No.22-24, Ngesrep, Kec. Banyumanik, Semarang City, Central Java 50261

Just like the name, the restaurant is located on the hill and offers a breathtaking view of the city. 

The restaurant opens at 16.00–23.00 WIB, but it’s best to visit later in the evening so you can witness the beautiful city lights twinkling just below—fitting for a romantic dinner with your partner.

You can find dishes from all around the world here, ranging from traditional Indonesian dishes, Japanese dishes such as sushi, to Italian dishes such as lasagna. The price starts from Rp45,000 per person.

7. Kedai Beringin

Chinese food As for the Menu - Kedai Beringin Semarang

Photo Indah Salimin via

Location: Jl. Imam Bonjol No.114A, Sekayu, Kec. Semarang Tengah, Semarang City, Central Java 50132

Last but not least on our list of the best restaurants in Semarang, Kedai Beringin is a must-visit for those who love Chinese food.

The place always seems packed with food lovers who are eager to enjoy its great selection of oriental menu.

The restaurant opens at 08.00–21.30 WIB every day, with dishes starting from Rp18,000.

8. Epicure Sky Terrace

Epicure Sky Terrace


Location: Ps. Sisimangaraja, Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.21, Candi, Kec. Candisari, Semarang, Central Java 50252

Looking for another cafe or restaurant with an incredible outdoor area? Then, you got to check out Epicure Sky Terrace, a rooftop restaurant providing a good view of Semarang’s cityscape. Once you set your foot inside this restaurant, you will be presented with an instagrammable elegantly-designed interior, complete with indoor and outdoor areas.

On the rooftop area of Epicure Sky Terrace, you can witness the gorgeous sparkling lights of Semarang cityscape from a distance, all while enjoying a good selection of mouth-watering dishes. Be noted that, if you want to experience these, it is advised for you to make a reservation beforehand. The dishes served in this amazing restaurant itself vary from delectable Indonesian, Asian, to Western cuisine, with budget-friendly prices ranging between IDR 10,000 to IDR 70,000. Enjoy some Manadonese se’i, traditional bulgogi hot plate, or spicy Chicago buffalo wings, accompanied by a nice glass of various milk, coffees, and juices.

9. Spiegel Bar and Bistro

 fine dining - Spiegel Bar and Bistro


Location: Jl. Letjen Suprapto No.34, Tj. Mas, Kec. North Semarang Utara, Semarang, Central Java 50174

This restaurant building has been standing since 1895. Initially abandoned in the past, this old building was later renovated and transformed into the Spiegel Bar and Bistro in 2015. Conceptually, the Spiegel Bar and Bistro presents itself as a classic European restaurant, this becomes evident as soon as you enter this place, which is perfect for taking photos. Four beautifully adorned green pillars can be seen among rows of dining tables and antique chairs, surrounded by aesthetically pleasing brick walls. Here, you will be served delicious Western dishes, including an all-day breakfast menu, soups, salads, burgers, pasta, pizza, and a variety of delectable European dishes. Additionally, you can also enjoy a variety of fresh cocktails at the restaurant’s bar.

10. Anetos Coffee and Brunch

Anetos Coffee and Brunch


Location: Jl. Dr. Cipto Kp. Subuh No.345, Karangturi, East Semarang, Semarang, Central Java 50124

Interested in a unique dining experience that combines the flavors of Indonesia with the ambiance of Greece’s Santorini? Make your way to Anetos Coffee and Brunch. This café boasts a distinctive interior reminiscent of the white-washed and light blue-trimmed buildings of Santorini, complete with an outdoor seating area. From the outside, Anetos Coffee and Brunch may appear modest, but once you step inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its spaciousness. The café is adorned with charming decor and lush greenery, and the outdoor area offers numerous Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Anetos Coffee and Brunch offers a diverse menu featuring delicious Indonesian and Western dishes, each thoughtfully presented to delight both your eyes and taste buds. Some of the tempting options on their menu include Seafood fried rice, crispy dory with sambal matah, cireng, club sandwich, fish and chips, and spaghetti aglio e olio. They also offer a variety of hot and cold beverages. The best part is, you won’t have to break the bank, as these meals are budget-friendly. Additionally, you can explore their thrift shop, where you can shop for stylish vintage clothing starting from just IDR 70,000.

11. The Tavern Semarang

The Tavern Semarang is a leading culinary destination in Semarang, Central Java, which you should visit.

This restaurant offers a comfortable atmosphere, various delicious dishes, and an atmosphere suitable for a casual meal with family, friends, or colleagues.

With a modern and elegant cafe-style restaurant concept, The Tavern offers a warm and inviting interior design, including an outdoor area with refreshing views.

Menu highlights include quality steaks, mouth-watering pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and various rice and noodle dishes.

Drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, coffee, and tea are also available in the expert hands of the bartenders.

This restaurant often holds special events and entertainment, adding to the excitement for diners. With affordable prices, friendly service, and a strategic location in the city center, The Tavern Semarang is the best choice for enjoyable dining moments with family and friends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience at The Tavern Semarang Restaurant!

12. Lind’s Ice Cream Café & Resto

Location: Jl. Papandayan No. 99, Gajahmungkur

Tel. 024-8507078

Lind’s Ice Cream Café & Resto is a destination not to be missed in Semarang, especially for ice cream lovers.

This restaurant offers beautiful views and ice cream with extraordinary flavors.

The ice cream menu includes various choices such as Bali Ice, Pezziduri, Chocolate Volcano, Full Moon Waffle, Banana Split, and Ice Cream Scoop with various flavors, all made homemade with a delicious and creamy taste.

Lind’s Ice Cream Cafe & Resto has won the hearts of Semarang residents, becoming an irreplaceable place to enjoy delicious ice cream.

With several branches in the city, the outlet on Jl. Papandayan offers a unique experience with stunning views of the city of Semarang.

This three-story building displays the sparkling night lights of Semarang city on its top floor.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious ice cream and an attractive atmosphere at Lind’s Ice Cream Café & Resto.

13. Nestcology Land of Gastronomy

Location: Jl. Tambora No. 5A

Tel. 024-76440058        

Nestcology Land of Gastronomy, which carries the concept of “One Stop Dining Experience,” is the newest restaurant that is a shame to miss in Semarang.

Located on a plateau, Jalan Tambora, this restaurant offers delicious dishes and pampers guests with spectacular views of the city of Semarang from a height.

The Instagrammable design, with brick walls, murals, and bird cages, creates an enjoyable, artsy atmosphere. With a European and Asian menu, Nestcology offers a variety of choices, from snacks, appetizers, and desserts to mocktails and coffee.

Don’t miss delicious dishes such as Sukiyaki Wagyu Pizza, Croquembouche, Shredded Chicken Slider, Hazelnut Butter and Grilled Chicken, and Crazy Rise.

Visit Nestcology Land of Gastronomy to experience an unforgettable lunch or dinner with those closest to you.

14. Kampung Laut Semarang

Location: Puri Maerokoco Complex, Central Java, Jl. Anjasmoro Tawang Mas

Tel. 024-7617289

Kampung Laut Semarang offers a unique experience with its seaside location, creating an authentic fishing village atmosphere.

With wooden houses connected by bridges and piers, this place provides various seating options, such as open wooden decks, lesehan, or private huts.

With beautiful views both day and night, Kampung Laut also provides fishing facilities and a children’s play area.

The calm and refreshing atmosphere makes it an ideal place to unwind from busy city life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood dishes while feeling the cool sea breeze.

Invite your friends and family to enjoy the natural beauty and delicious food at Kampung Laut Semarang.

15. Eling Bening

Location: Jl. Kartini Tambakboyo, Ambarawa

Tel. 0857-2956-5656

Eling Bening, located in Kartini Tambakboyo, Ambarawa, Semarang Regency, is a popular tourist destination in Semarang.

This stunning area has views of rice fields, mountains, coffee plantations, and shady trees, creating a unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Inviting you to enjoy delicious dishes at a restaurant at affordable prices while enjoying the stunning natural panorama.

Eling Bening also provides complete facilities, such as a swimming pool, outbound campground, playground, meeting room, hill tracking area, archery area, flying fox, restaurants, and cafes.

With a high-altitude atmosphere, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Rawa Pening. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste traditional dishes, from grilled fish, soup, rawon, soto, satay, and Ayam Taliwang to mie lontong..

7 Must-Try Dishes in Semarang

While you’re at it, don’t forget to try out some signature Semarang dishes. Here is a list of food you should try—don’t worry, they can be found easily all over the city:

  • kue leker
  • soto bangkong
  • es puter
  • lumpia semarang
  • pisang plenet
  • bakmi jawa
  • tahu gimbal

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