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Breakfast with Orangutans in Bali: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Okay, picture this: breakfast with a stunning view. But what if the view includes some seriously cute orangutans? Yep, that’s exactly what’s on the menu when you have breakfast with orangutans Bali.

So, this isn’t your typical breakfast—we’re talking about an extraordinary experience offered by Bali Zoo. You won’t just be enjoying a delicious breakfast amidst Bali’s lush nature; you’ll also have some friendly orangutan company.

Don’t panic if you’re a bit primate-shy; having breakfast with orangutans doesn’t mean sharing a table with them. Instead, you’ll be able to observe these fascinating creatures playing and munching in an area not far from where you’re eating.

You’re free to watch them do their thing, and of course, you can interact with them and snap some selfies. No need to worry about them swiping your food!

Bali’s Breakfast with Orangutans Itinerary

A family of four having a breakfast with orangutans in Bali

Photo: Bali Zoo

This whole breakfast with orangutans in Bali deal is quite the experience. It kicks off bright and early—we’re talking morning vibes. This adventure spans around five hours and starts around 8:00 AM local time.

So, get those energy levels up! You can either get there on your own or take advantage of the hotel pickup. Super convenient!

Once you arrive at Bali Zoo, the staff will guide you onto a double-decker safari bus bound for Kampung Sumatra. This is where the Bali orangutan sanctuary and your breakfast spot await. (It’s dubbed breakfast with orangutans Bali for a reason.)

The restaurant is huge, with a variety of options to fuel your morning. There’s everything from pastries, danishes, bread, cereals, juices, and coffee, to an omelet station! Prefer something with a local twist? Indulge in some mouthwatering mie goreng or nasi goreng.

If you’ve got dietary restrictions, no sweat, Bali Zoo has got you covered. Just let them know about your needs, whether it’s allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarian preference, or whatever tickles your taste buds.

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Review of Breakfast with Orangutans Bali

But hold up, where are the stars of the show? Don’t fret, they’ll be joining the party too. Usually, the orangutans will make their way over to swing and hang out on ropes between trees not long after you start breakfast.

And no, they won’t just bolt after their fabulous rope pose. You can take photos together, hug it out, and have a real orangutan interaction session.

No need to worry about your food mysteriously disappearing from your plate, as the orangutans are highly trained. They’re disciplined and won’t snatch your meal. Besides, their spot is quite a distance from your dining table.

Oh, and guess what? Sometimes they’re even joined by those adorable Sumatran elephants. And psst, you can even get down and muddy with them with the Elephant Mud Fun package.

If you’re a bird lover, you’ll get to meet some colorful tropical birds that’ll blow your mind. Every now and then, you might also spot other wild critters like black gibbons and pangolins roaming around the restaurant area. Don’t forget to snap a selfie!

Usually, the best breakfast with orangutans Bali experience wraps up by noon. But hey, if you’re still up for exploring Bali Zoo, the fun’s not over! You can continue your adventure solo or opt for the Half Day Zoo Explorer package which includes lunch and hotel transfers.

You can get up close and personal with the animals there. Trust us, it’s a blast, considering there are over 500 rare and exotic creatures hanging out in this gorgeous Bali-typical tropical setting.

Feel like cuddling with a snake? Go for it. Or maybe you’re more into witnessing the might of lions, tigers, and bears—well, you can see them too.

Bali Zoo offers tons of animal shows and activities. And guess what? This package also includes access to Jungle Splash Waterplay for the kids to explore.

Breakfast with Orangutans Bali Price

Four people and two elephants playing in an ankle-deep pool of mud. You can purchase this package along with breakfast with orangutans in Bali

Photo: Bali Zoo

It sounds super amazing, right? But how much does it cost to have breakfast with orangutans in Bali? Will it keep your wallet smiling?

It all depends on which package you choose, as there are several options available. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Breakfast with Orangutans only: Rp725,000 per adult, Rp510,000 per child.
  • Breakfast with Orangutans Package: Rp925,000 per adult, Rp650,000 per child. Includes return hotel transfers, Bali Zoo ticket fees, insurance, breakfast, and animal shows.
  • Breakfast with Orangutans + Elephant Mud Fun Package: Rp1,775,000 per adult. This one covers mud fun with elephants, feeding elephants, return hotel transfers, and breakfast with orangutans.
  • Breakfast with Orangutans and Elephant Expedition Package: Rp1,500,000 per adult.
  • Half Day Bali Zoo Explorer with Lunch and Transfers Package: Rp783,000 per adult, Rp549,000 per child.
  • Bali Zoo Admission Fee only: Rp395,000 per adult, Rp280,000 per child.

Important info: Kids under 2 years old can join for free. For kids aged 2–12, they’ve got special child tickets. It is definitely kid-friendly.

As for the Elephant Mud Fun activity, kiddos under 120 cm can’t participate for safety reasons. If they’re taller, they can join in at the adult rate.

Agree that the price of breakfast with orangutans Bali is totally worth it for maximum animal-loving joy?

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A Serene Stay at Bobocabin Ubud

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Wait, before you get too carried away, have you thought about where you’re going to crash in Bali? No worries, we’ve got your back. Say hello to Bobocabin Ubud, which is only an hour’s drive from Bali Zoo!

Nestled in Tegalalang, Bobocabin Ubud is a resort perched above the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. Prepare for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside with cool breeze air!

Each cabin boasts a king-size bed, a private bathroom with a hot shower, air conditioning, WiFi, Smart Window, and the hi-tech B-Pad. There’s even a shared communal area, along with a barbecue spot.

Whether you’re into trekking through the rice fields or visiting local temples, this place has got you covered. Plus, there’s a bunch of activities to choose from.

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