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Cultural Enthusiast, Have You Visited These 6 Traditional Villages in Lombok?

Lombok beckons with more than just its famed natural wonders like Mount Rinjani, Mandalika, and the Gili Islands.

For those seeking a deeper immersion into the island’s rich cultural tapestry and traditional craftsmanship, a journey through these six traditional villages in Lombok promises an enlightening and enriching experience.

These villages, each steeped in unique heritage and showcasing exquisite artisanal skills, offer a captivating glimpse into Lombok’s soul beyond its scenic landscapes.

Join us as we explore the beating heart of Lombok’s cultural diversity through these hidden gems of tradition and artistry!

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Blek Village

Traditional Villages in Lombok - Blek Village

Photo: Prima Dita Hapsari via Google Maps

Blek Village, nestled in Sembalun Lawang Village, Sembalun District, is a charming destination where you can immerse yourself in Sasak culture and witness the island’s traditional daily life.

One of these authentic and traditional villages in Lombok offers a range of activities, from watching local women weave intricate songket textiles to observing traditional dances and ceremonies. You can also explore traditional Sasak houses and learn about local customs and beliefs.

Blek Village is open daily from 8AM to 5PM with an entry ticket that costs around Rp50,000/person for a guided tour. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage with the warm and welcoming locals and gain insight into their time-honored way of life!

Sade Village

Traditional Villages in Lombok - Sade Village

Photo: M Nicco Gumaisa via Google Maps

Sade Village, located in Rambitan, Pujut District, Central Lombok, is another historical treasure showcasing the traditional Sasak way of life.

This village, believed to have been established in the 16th century, features unique architecture with traditional thatched-roof houses made from bamboo and clay. Stroll around the area to explore its cultural heritage by witnessing weaving demonstrations, trying traditional Sasak cuisine, and observing local handicrafts being made.

With an entrance ticket costing only Rp30,000/person, you can get a guided tour around the village from 8AM to 6PM. Soak in the rich history and traditions of the Sasak tribe as you wander through this captivating village.

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Segenter Village

Segenter Village

Photo: Fadly Usman via Google Maps

Segenter Village, situated in Sukadana, Bayan, North Lombok, also offers a fascinating glimpse into Sasak culture and traditions.

Founded in the 17th century, the village is also known for its unique architecture, characterized by traditional Sasak houses made from bamboo and thatched roofs.

During your visit to Segenter Village, feel free to partake in various activities such as learning traditional weaving techniques, experiencing local dances and music performances, and exploring the daily life of the locals.

Visit the village any day from 9AM to 5PM for a Rp20,000/person worth of authentic cultural experience and discover the genuine charm and heritage of Segenter Village!

Ende Village

Ende Village

Photo: Arifin via Google Maps

Ende Village, located within Rambitan Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok, should not be confused with Ende in Flores. While it’s close to Sade Village, Ende is home to a smaller community, comprising roughly 30 families.

If you’re traveling from Mataram City to Kuta Beach or other coastal destinations in Central Lombok, you’ll likely pass through this charming village. Stop by from 8AM to 5PM at any day for Rp25,000/person and stroll around the village. To learn Lombok’s local heritage and craftsmanship, you can admire their dried pottery-roofed houses.

While you’re here, witness local music and dance performances and interact with friendly locals to glimpse their customs and way of life!

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Beleq Village

Beleq Village

Photo: Prima Dita Hapsari via Google Maps

Beleq stands as one of the pristine traditional villages in Lombok untouched by modern technology, deliberately devoid of electricity due to local regulations. The villagers, belonging to the Sasak Tribe, adhere strictly to ancestral traditions passed down through generations.

Despite this commitment to tradition, the community shows adaptability when faced with societal changes, typically embracing them only when collectively accepted by the village.

Situated in Gumantar Village, Kayangan District, in the north of Lombok, Beleq is a compact settlement enclosed by a fence encompassing approximately 2 hectares. Around 76 families call this traditional village home, preserving its cultural integrity amid the surrounding landscapes.

This secluded village offers a glimpse into a way of life that remains largely unaffected by modern influences, making it a fascinating destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Lombok’s rich cultural heritage!

Bayan Village

Traditional Villages in Lombok - Bayan Village

Photo: Dhiny Rahma via Trip Advisor

Bayan Village, nestled in the Bayan District of North Lombok, is a historically and culturally significant settlement with deep ties to the spread of Islam in Lombok.

One of its notable landmarks is an ancient mosque believed to have been constructed in the 16th century by Sheikh Gaus Abdul Razak, a revered figure instrumental in the Islamic heritage of the region.

This mosque stands out for its unique architecture, primarily constructed from bamboo, showcasing traditional building techniques of the time.

Bayan Village holds strategic importance as it is situated near Senaru Village, a popular entry point for trekkers heading to Mount Rinjani alongside Sembalun Village.

This proximity has shaped the village’s cultural landscape and facilitated trade and interaction with visitors from diverse backgrounds. The village is characterized by its serene surroundings, traditional Sasak houses, and warm hospitality from the local community.

The village offers a peaceful retreat amidst lush landscapes, providing insights into the enduring traditions and spiritual heritage of Lombok!

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Experience the captivating and enriching cultural discoveries and warm encounters with the local communities of Lombok firsthand.

From the unique architecture of Sade Village to the serene ambiance of Ende and Segenter, each village offered a glimpse into the timeless traditions and customs of the Sasak Tribe.

As you depart from Lombok, you’ll carry memories of stunning landscapes and a deeper appreciation for the vibrant heritage within these traditional villages.

Until you return, may the spirit of Lombok’s villages continue to inspire and enrich your lives!


Writer: Ratna Asih Setyaningrum



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