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Escape the Tourist Crowds, Here’s What You Can Do If You Have One Day in Likupang

When you think of Indonesia, you probably immediately think of Bali or Lombok. While beautiful, both places are usually packed with tourists – especially during the peak season – so you might not get a chance to fully explore the islands as much as you’d like.

Lucky for you, Indonesia is an archipelagic country that offers countless exotic islands you can explore! One of them is Likupang, a seashore area located in North Sulawesi that has been dubbed as one of Indonesia’s Super Priority Destinations by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

A hidden paradise for any child of the sea, Likupang is a land of stunning beaches with rich marine life. What’s more, the area is yet to be discovered by many tourists! That means you won’t have to deal with queues to enjoy various adventure activities the beaches have to offer.

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Now that you’ve seen Likupang’s unique appeal, let’s take a look into the ideal itinerary for your next trip to Likupang beach:

The Perfect 1 Day Trip to Likupang

05.00 – 08.00 – Watch the picturesque sunrise


Photo: Nathan Cowley via Pexels

Start your day by visiting Paal Beach! You’ll be greeted by the sight of clear turquoise water lapping at white-sanded beach.

Better yet, if you arrive at around 5 AM then you’ll be able to catch sight of the sunrise – the visual combination of the blue sea and the golden rays looks like it comes straight off a painting. Don’t forget to bring some snacks with you to make it an unforgettable seaside picnic!

08.00 – 11.00 – Trekking


Photo: Pixabay via Pexels


Located around 4.8 km from Paal Beach, you can take advantage of the energizing morning breeze by going trekking to Pulisan Beach – yet another must-visit beach in the area! It offers an amazing view of exotic rock formations and savanna hills that you can marvel at.

Or if you prefer to explore a vibrant hill, you can take a 15-minutes walk from Paal Beach to get to Larata Hill. The hill is covered by greenery, overlooking the blue Manado sea and the view of Dua Basudara Mountain on the horizon. The sight will surely melt away any stress that weighs heavily on your shoulders!

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12.00 – 14.00 – Enjoy tasty lunch

likupang - cakalang fufu

Photo: via

A meal is surely the best way to recharge after tiring activities like trekking. It’s a chance for you to gain back the energy you lost to be able to make the most of your time in Likupang.

As the saying goes, “hit two birds with one stone”. Be sure to recharge with tasty local cuisine that will guarantee to spoil your taste buds! Likupang offers various meals for you to try out, but cakalang fufu is perhaps among the most energizing of all.

The dish is made of skipjack tuna, a type of fish that is rich in protein and vitamins. The fish will be divided into two, then get marinated with special spices before getting smoked for approximately four hours. It will then be served with warm rice and sambal dabu-dabu, a type of spicy condiment consisting of tomatoes, chili peppers, and calamansi juice.

You can find cakalang fufu at the Wakeke Culinary Area! Or, if you’re up to try out various snacks, you can visit the Lililoyor Market to find traditional apang cake, klappertaart, cornbread cake, cinnamon cake, and many others.

14.00 – 17.00 – Try out various water activities

likupang - water sports

Photo: 清风 明月 via Pexels

Now that you’ve been recharged, it’s time to explore everything Likupang has to offer – that includes the various exhilarating water activities that await at the beaches around the area.

For those who are looking for thrilling activities to pump up the adrenaline, you can consider trying out various water sports at Casabio Paradise Resort. There, you’ll be able to challenge your agility at a trampoline hurdle setup just like the one you see at the Ninja Warrior show. On top of that, you can also try speeding on a jet ski or a banana boat.

If you’re more into leisure exploration, then you can consider snorkeling or diving instead. Discover the diverse underwater flora and fauna at Lihaga Island or Gangga Island – this way, you can directly interact with various vibrant corals and colorful fishes.

Just don’t forget to bring your camera with you so that you can immortalize every exciting moment you’ll soon uncover!

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18.00 – 20.00 – Close the day off with dinner

likupang - casabaio paradise resort

Photo: Casabaio Paradise Resort via

What better way to end your day than to have a hearty dinner? Head over to Kadera Restaurant that is located at Casabio Paradise Resort for a fulfilling meal you can enjoy with your partner, friends, or family.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of meals, ranging from local cuisine to international cuisine that surely fits everyone’s taste. Better yet, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal while overlooking the stunning view of a white sand beach and the night sky glittered with bright stars.

Now that you’ve found out all the exciting things you can do in Likupang beach in a day, be sure to note everything down and apply it to your very own itinerary!

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