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6 Secret Waterfalls for a Magical Trip in Sembalun, Lombok

Lombok is the next big thing after its more well-known neighbor, Bali. The scenic and peaceful island is mostly famous for the mighty Mount Rinjani. Vivid colorful sunsets, soft sandy beaches, and clear crystal waters are also a few activities that might pop into your mind when you think of Lombok.

However, this glorious island still has a few other secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Do you know that Lombok hides some of the best tranquil waterfalls in the archipelago? The journey to a waterfall usually consists of a trek in the forest, best led by an experienced guide, that ends in a sight and sensation so fantastic the exhausting trip would be totally worth it.

Are you in for a new experience to enjoy Lombok? Read on, because Bob has put together a list of Lombok’s secret waterfalls to visit!

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Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Zaenal Nursalam via Google Maps

Mangku Sakti is one of the most unique waterfalls in Lombok, especially when compared to the other more popular waterfalls near Rinjani, like Tiu Kelep and Sanjang Gile. The water flows directly from the sulfur-rich volcanic lake atop the magnificent Mount Rinjani. The blue and white water also continues to tear down into rapid rivers through bending limestone rapids.

Tucked in at the foothills of Mount Rinjani, near the small village of Sajang, Mangku Sakti Waterfall is a hidden gem that is free to visit. It takes about 20-30 minutes to hike up to the waterfall. Once you finally arrive, you’ll see the whitish-blue rapid river carving its way down the Rinjani Slope. It’s a large and fairly wide waterfall that plunges into a roughly 1.5-meter-deep pool.

You can certainly swim here, but the power of the waterfall is pretty strong in the deep section, which causes the water to pull you around a little. Bob highly recommends you get a local guide just to smooth the way there!

Kuda Sembrani Waterfall

Ahmad Sohibul Burhan via Google Maps

If you explore a little further during your visit to Mangku Sakti Waterfall, you will find the Kuda Sembrani waterfall, nestled quietly just 100 meters under the former waterfall.

Trek down through the path in the forest and you’ll see this hidden gem. Let yourself be immersed in the beauty of the rock cliff walls and the exquisite patterns of water flow in Kuda Sembrani. With its 15-meter height, the waterfall creates a 1-2.5 meter natural pond that you can enjoy soaking in. But always be careful of the current!

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Dewi Selendang Waterfall

Rinjani Garden via Trip Advisor

If you’re wondering about the name:  “Dewi” means goddess and “selendang” means shawl. The locals of Sembalun named it that way due to its unique shape, similar to such an object.

Despite its short size, Selendang Dewi features two waterfalls located next to each other and owns a beautiful pond under it. The depth of this natural pond is about 50 cm and the water feels so revitalizing as well. Near the waterfall, several cliffs with rocky landscapes reside beautifully. Some trees and bushes grow around the site, too, creating a comfy atmosphere.

The next charm is the presence of a small pond under the waterfall. The water looks clear and peaceful, emitting a refreshing nuance. Even the color is beautiful! Combining light green and tosca colors, it creates such a beautiful sighting for the eyes.

If you want to play in the pond, you should pay attention to the current, though. Also, make sure you pack a set of extra clothes before visiting the waterfall!

Telaga Madu Waterfall

Ardana Dwi via Google Maps

The locals believed that Telaga Madu Waterfall used to have lots of honey bees around the forest.

A widely circulated story said that in ancient times, there was a young man named Rawen who lived in the middle of a quiet field without a family. He went to the forest not far from the field where he lived. After walking along the fields for some time, he found a river with a waterfall that was 20 meters high. When morning came, Rawen washed his face using water from the waterfall without realizing that he felt the water was sweet, like honey (madu in Bahasa Indonesia). That’s when the waterfall derived its name, Telaga Madu.

The waterfall flows quickly and falls below it, creating a natural pond. Surrounded by many charming white rocks, the pond has a depth of 0.5–2 meters. You can soak safely and feel the sensation of relaxing in the small pools around the pond!

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Mangku Kodek Waterfall

Rosita via Travelingyuk.com

Mangku Kodek Waterfall is one of three waterfalls in Sajang, which settles near Mangku Sakti Waterfall and Mangku Kuda Sembrani Waterfall. Hidden between high cliffs and flanked by beautiful stone walls, this waterfall will surely steal your heart.

Prepare extra clothes because you’ll surely get yourself wet as you cross the river for  about 100 meters to reach Mangku Kodek Waterfall. It’s not just the waterfall in the middle of the cliff that will leave you amazed, but the turquoise blue water, which is no less charming, will definitely mesmerize you!

Umar Maya Waterfall

Shine via Google Maps

There is a legend behind the naming of this waterfall. A famous king named Umar Maya came to the site to live as an ascetic and stayed in the cave behind the waterfall. Since then, the locals named the waterfall after his name.

To reach this astonishing waterfall, you must walk about 300 meters from the parking area. The landscape is damp and rocky, so you should be careful when heading to the site and make sure to wear safe and comfortable footwear. For a faster trip, it is better to hire a local guide, usually available at the parking lot.

Once you arrive at the site, you’ll see a small waterfall of about 10 meters in height. Even the pond looks calm and beautiful, luring everyone to get in it. Similar to Mangku Kodek and Mangku Sakti, the green tosca and milky color of Umar Maya’s sulfur water is safe for bathing and good for back acne!

Sembalun, Lombok, awaits you with its stunning hidden waterfalls. Bob hopes this article has been helpful for you who adores soft trekking during your trip to this mountainous island!

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