Mount Rinjani - where is mount rinjani located

Where Exactly is Mount Rinjani Located? Facts & Trekking Information

Get ready to leave the comforts of civilization and face an unparalleled adventure like never before.

Towering above the clouds, Mount Rinjani is not only the second-highest volcano in Indonesia but also holds a spiritual significance for the locals, the Sasak people.

The mountain is home to dense forests, exotic flora and fauna, as well as ancient rock formations, all ready to be a part of your memorable journey. Don’t forget Segara Anak, a magnificent crater lake, nestled within its rugged landscape.

Before you embark on the thrilling adventure, you must know the full information about the mountain itself, starting from where is Mount Rinjani located. Let’s start, shall we?

Where is Mount Rinjani Located?

A trekker hiking Mount Rinjani - where is mount rinjani located

Photo: Ari Saaski via Unsplash

Mount Rinjani is located on the island of Lombok, one of Indonesia’s beautiful archipelago. Specifically situated in West Nusa Tenggara province, this volcano proudly stands as the second highest in the country, reaching an impressive height of 3,726 meters above sea level.

The mountain is protected by the Indonesian government and sits inside the Rinjani Mountain National Park, which covers an extensive area of approximately 41,330 hectares.

Known for its challenging tracks, the volcano itself is made up of a large hollow area known as a caldera with a diameter of around 6 kilometers. It also hosts a deep lake within the caldera called Segara Anak.

Segara Anak, translated to “Child of the Sea”, spans around 11 square kilometers and reaches a depth of 230 meters, making it one of the deepest volcanic lakes in the world!

Not only that, the crater lake is fed by hot springs and rainwater, which are some of the reasons why locals believe it has healing properties.

This enchanting natural wonder, combined with the towering peak and surrounding lush landscapes, makes Mount Rinjani an enticing destination for trekkers from around the world.

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How Tough is the Trek Up Mount Rinjani?

Camp on a hill near Mount Rinjani - where is mount rinjani located

Photo: Jonas Verstuyft via Unsplash

Another question worth discussing other than where is Mount Rinjani located is how tough the trek would be.

The trek up Mount Rinjani is known to be challenging and physically demanding. It requires a certain level of fitness and mental endurance. It is considered a strenuous hike and trekkers are often tested for their limits and experience before going up the hill.

Here are the rest of the trekking track details you need to acknowledge:

1. Terrain

The terrain in Mount Rinjani is steep, rugged, rocky, and has uneven paths. Hikers will encounter quite a lot of sections with loose gravel, volcanic scree, and difficult uphill stretches.

2. Altitude

As you descend Mount Rinjani, the altitude increases, and the air becomes thinner. This can lead to altitude-related side effects such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and headaches. Trekkers must acclimate properly and acknowledge their own body’s limits.

3. Weather Conditions

Mount Rinjani’s weather is unpredictable, with conditions ranging from scorching heat to heavy rain and strong winds.

The temperature there ranges from 10-20 degrees Celcius, with 10 degrees being the coldest during the rainy season.

It is essential to be prepared for varying weather and pack appropriate clothing and equipment to handle the challenging conditions.

4. Trekking Time

Trekking to the summit of Mount Rinjani can span multiple days, up to 3–4 days, with each day involving several hours of hiking. Once again, this requires a good level of endurance and stamina to sustain the physical challenges.

If you’re looking for the best time to hike, according to the guides, quieter times to trek are April-June and September-October.

5. Summit Climb

The final push to the summit of Rinjani is widely regarded as the toughest part of the trek. Trekkers have to wake up early, hike steep inclines, and be mindful of loose volcanic scree.

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The Routes to Climbing Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani trekking routes - where is mount rinjani located

Photo: Senaru Village

There are two routes experienced trekkers recommend: the Senaru Route and the Sembalun Route.

1. The Senaru Route

Starting Point

The Senaru Route begins in the village of Senaru. It is located on the northern slope of Mount Rinjani


The trail passes through lush forests, offering beautiful sceneries and a chance to spot local flora and fauna. Hikers will also encounter a breathtaking waterfall called Sendang Gile.


Camping sites can be different depending on your trekking guide. However, there are some famous campsites like Pelawangan 1 and Senaru Crater Rim. They both offer a stunning view of the lake and surrounding landscapes.

Summit Climb

Taking the Senaru Route means you’ll start reaching the summit on the second day. As described before, the climb up the summit involves steep and challenging sections with loose rocks and scree.

Ending Point

The trek typically ends by descending through the same route, reaching back to the village of Senaru.

2. The Sembalun Route

Starting Point

The Sembalun Route starts from Sembalun Lawang village. It is situated on the eastern side of Mount Rinjani.


This route offers expansive views of the surrounding countryside and features a vast grassland known as a savannah. Here, trekkers might encounter wild deer and other wildlife along the way.


The first night of the route is usually spent at Sembalun Crater Rim campsite, located on the eastern rim of the caldera. Sembaun Crater Rim campsite offers panoramic views of the lush trees and the summit.

Summit Climb

On the second day, you’ll make an early start to reach the summit. The ascent is going to be steep and challenging, requiring physical endurance and mental resilience.

Ending Point

The trek concludes by descending through the same route, reaching back to the village of Sembalun Lawang.

What to Wear and Pack

Two big bags prepped for hiking Mount Rinjani

Photo: S&B Volanthen via Unsplash

Always remember that the weather in Mount Rinjani often changes. But one thing for sure, it’s going to be freezing cold there. Considering the trails are steep and challenging, it’s going to worsen your condition if you’re not prepared.

So, here is what you need to wear and pack for your journey up to the summit of Mount Rinjani:

  • Sturdy hiking boots 
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking clothing (long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks)
  • Warm layers (fleece jacket, thermal base layers) 
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket and pants 
  • Hat or cap for sun protection 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Gloves 
  • Sleeping bag suitable for cold temperatures 
  • Headlamp or flashlight 
  • Trekking poles (optional but helpful) 
  • Backpack with a rain cover 
  • Water bottles or hydration bladder 
  • Snacks and high-energy food 
  • First aid kit 
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent 
  • Personal toiletries and medications 
  • Camera or smartphone for capturing memories 
  • Cash for any additional expenses

Additionally, remember to pack lightly and only bring the essentials to reduce the weight of your backpack.

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Writer: Samala Mahadi

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