Gili Islands - how to get to gili islands from lombok

Island Hopping Made Easy: How to Get to the Gili Islands from Lombok

Embarking on an island-hopping adventure from Lombok to the Gili Islands is a straightforward and rewarding experience. There are several ways to get there, and each mode of transportation offers its own unique charm.

With the comprehensive guide provided here, you are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision based on your preferences and travel style. Let’s get started!

Where Are the Gili Islands?

Gili maps - how to get to gili islands from lombok

Photo: Gili Bookings

The Gili Islands are a group of three beautiful small islands located near the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The local name for the Gili Islands is Gili Indah, and it means “small beautiful islands” in the local language.

These islands, including Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, have stunning beaches, lively coral reefs, and a relaxing atmosphere that attracts travelers looking for a peaceful getaway.

The Bali Sea surrounds the islands, and it’s a popular spot for scuba diving and freediving, especially around the Gilis. There are lots of different types of fish and coral to see, and some of the most well-known diving spots include Shark Point, Manta Point, and Simon’s Reef.

Among the three islands, Gili Trawangan is the biggest and most popular. It has a lot of restaurants and bars that are open late into the night, perfect if you like the nightlife scene.

If you prefer a more peaceful vacation, Gili Meno or Gili Air might be your thing. Gili Air is the closest island to the mainland and has the most people living on it. On the other hand, Gili Meno is the smallest island and has a more secluded vibe with only a few hundred locals. 

How to Get to Gili Islands from Lombok

The allure of the Gili Islands often makes travelers wonder, how to get to Gili Islands from Lombok? Fear not, as we have provided a detailed answer for you.

1. Fast Boats: Your Express Ticket to Paradise

Fast boat - how to get to gili islands from lombok

Photo: Michael Held via Unsplash

One of the most popular and efficient ways to reach the Gili Islands from Lombok is by taking a fast boat. You can choose from several reputable companies that offer this service. The journey is swift and scenic, treating you to breathtaking views of the Lombok coastline.

When discussing how to get to Gili Islands from Lombok with this mode of transport, it’s quite simple. Fast boats usually leave from Bangsal Harbor in the northwest of Lombok. It takes around 15–30 minutes to reach the Gili Islands depending on your specific destination.

To avoid any potential issues, we recommend booking fast boat tickets in advance. 

2. Public Ferries: A Budget-Friendly Option

Ferry - how to get to gili islands from lombok

Photo: Onur Binay via Unsplash

For the budget-conscious traveler, public ferries provide a more economical means of transportation to the Gili Islands.

These ferries operate from Padang Bai in Bali to Lembar Harbor in Lombok. From Lembar, you can easily hire a local taxi or use public transport to reach Bangsal Harbor.

While public ferries are a cost-effective choice, keep in mind that the journey may take a bit longer than the fast boat option. However, it offers a unique opportunity to soak in the local atmosphere and witness the beautiful scenery surrounding Lombok.

3. Private Boats: Tailored Luxury

Boat in gili

Photo: Uber Scuba Gili via Unsplash

Looking for a personalized experience or traveling with a big group? No worries, private boat charters are available!

Chartering a boat allows you to explore hidden coves, set your own schedule, and take your time enjoying the journey. You can choose from several companies that offer private boat services and customize your itinerary based on your preferences.

Although it may cost more than other options, this choice offers a level of exclusivity and flexibility that can make your journey unforgettable.

4. Helicopter Transfers: A Luxurious Sky-High Experience


Photo: Phil W via Unsplash

Looking for a luxurious and convenient travel experience? Consider taking a helicopter transfer from Lombok to the Gili Islands. This option not only offers a quick and stylish mode of transport, but also provides stunning aerial views of the amazing landscapes below.

Helicopter services usually operate from Lombok International Airport, creating a direct connection to the Gili Islands. Although it’s a pricier option, it can turn your journey into a memorable highlight of your entire trip.

5. Combination Packages: Streamlined Travel Solutions

Gili Trawangin at sunset

Photo: Fajruddin Mudzakkir via Unsplash

Travel agencies and tour operators provide combination packages for travelers who want a seamless trip to the Gili Islands. These packages include transportation from Lombok to the Gili Islands, as well as accommodation, meals, and guided tours.

These all-inclusive packages may cost more upfront, but they offer excellent value and simplify the planning process so you can focus on enjoying your time in this tropical paradise.

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