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Relax and Rejuvenate: 6 Best Day Spa in Ubud

When you think of Ubud, you might picture lush green landscapes, serene rivers, and a vibrant cultural scene. However, within this natural and cultural beauty is a hidden haven: the best day spa Ubud.

Now, finding the ultimate relaxation oasis in the heart of Bali might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack with so many options clamoring for your attention. 

But fear not, because we’re about to unveil the six best day spas in Ubud. Each one promises a slice of paradise where the world’s worries simply dissolve away.

Best Day Spa in Ubud for Perfect Relaxation

1. Jaens Spa Ubud

A close-up shot of hot stone massage on someone's back - Best day spa in Ubud

Photo: jaensspa.com

Jaens Spa Ubud is a renowned wellness sanctuary in Bali. You can indulge in a range of treatments and services designed to transport you to a realm of relaxation and regeneration.

From the Traditional Balinese Massage to the indulgent 4 Hands Massage and Romantic Spa Couples treatments, this best affordable spa in Ubud has it all.

But wait, it gets even better! They offer a 5-hour Radja Jaens Spa Package that includes a full-body massage, body scrub, facial treatment, manicure-pedicure, and even lunch!

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2. Ubud Traditional Spa

Ubud Traditional Spa

Photo: @ubud.traditionalspa via Instagram

True to its name, Ubud Traditional Spa offers a selection of traditional Balinese treatments. One that stands out is the Rice Farmer Massage, inspired by the techniques used by rice farmer women after a long day in the fields.

Consider the relaxing combination of coconut oil and organic sea salt gently exfoliating your skin, wiping away fatigue, and leaving you feeling utterly refreshed.

3. Karsa Spa

Karsa Spa - Best day spa in Ubud

Photo: karsaspa.com

After a hike on the Campuhan Ridge Walk, recharge yourself at Karsa Spa. It’s a haven for those seeking a unique Balinese spa experience amidst lush jungle surroundings.

You can find an array of professional healing massages and treatments, including Reiki, Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue bodywork. Their signature Intuitive Heart Massage mixes Reiki to open your aura and chakras, allowing you to be in your most present condition.

Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Balinese massage or specialized therapies, this best day spa Ubud is your go-to spot for revitalization.

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4. Sang Spa and Yoga Centre

Sang Spa and Yoga Centre

Photo: balipedia.com

Just a stone’s throw from Monkey Forest, Sang Spa and Yoga Centre offers a plethora of services dedicated to improving physical and mental well-being.

Their extensive menu includes a variety of massages, hair treatments, nail services, body treatments, and facials. They’ve got you covered from head to toe!

And if you’re into yoga, you’re in for a treat. Sang Spa offers daily classes, retreats, and Balinese healer sessions. It’s the perfect spa in Ubud with a view.

5. Svaha Spa Kenderan

Svaha Spa Kenrderan

Photo: whatsnewindonesia.com

Nestled in the breathtaking setting of Kenderan, Bali, Svaha Spa is a luxurious haven situated within the Aksari Resort. 

With its unique location surrounded by a lush forest and near a tranquil river, this best spa in Ubud with a view provides rejuvenating treatments that energize both body and soul. 

Svaha Spa Kenderan uses exotic aromatherapy oils and traditional therapies to create a peaceful ambiance, making it the ultimate choice for peace-seekers.

You can opt for the romantic couple spa Ubud package, which is perfect for strengthening your bond. Or, if it’s “me-time” that you crave, this best day spa Ubud got you covered too.

6. Spa at Maya Ubud

Maya Ubud Spa

Photo: mayaresorts.com

This wellness spa nestles within the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa complex, a luxurious oasis amidst the lush jungle that offers unparalleled river views. Picture yourself indulging in a spa session amidst the tranquil and cool embrace of the tropical wilderness.

But wait, there’s more! The facilities here really make them one of the best luxury spas in Ubud. We’re talking about a vitality pool, a sauna, a steam room, and a relaxation lounge.

Now, let’s dive into the treatments: From the Soothing Maya Massage to the Rescue and Repair Facial, the Tropical Rejuvenation, and Reflexology—you can savor these treatments solo or bring along your partner for a journey of ultimate relaxation.

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Bobocabin Ubud: Where Glamping Meets Serenity

Several cabins located equidistant with each other amidst rice field-looking environment

So, you might be wondering, can you actually feel even more relaxed after indulging in various spa treatments at the best day spas in Ubud above? The answer is a resounding yes, and it’s all thanks to Bobocabin Ubud.

Bobocabin Ubud is a resort nestled in the heart of Tegalalang, Bali. It’s a unique kind of place—a “glamping” experience, which means you get to enjoy a camping activity but with all its modern convenience.

It’s also a fantastic launchpad for exploring the incredible surroundings. Imagine strolling through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, going on a thrilling rafting adventure, hiking to the Monkey Forest, or soaking in the cultural richness of Ubud Palace. 

Book your own cabin via the app today, and let the journey to paradise begin!



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