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Treats for the Sweet Tooth: 7 Bakeries to Visit in Malang, East Java

Nothing beats strolling around Malang when the weather’s nice out and the soft breeze’s gushing. Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer wanting to explore Bromo;  a city-bound traveler looking at every nook and crannies for hidden gems or humble places; or even a fresh college student who’s still unsure what to look for, Malang has it all!

Every corner of the city holds their own stories through rich culture and food. And if you’re looking to explore the wonders of interesting delicacies, you’re in for some sweet treats!

Bob has compiled and curated some of the best and innovative bakeries scattered all around Malang, East Java, for you curious seekers. Buckle up!

1. Momo’s Coffee & Bakery

momoscoffeebakery via Instagram

Located in the heart of the city, you’ll probably pass by Momo’s when you’re walking around Kayutangan Heritage, just a few minutes from Alun-Alun Malang. Nestled inside the art deco building, they mainly focus on coffee and beverages, from matcha latte to the iconic spice of wedang jahe.

What people actually come here for, is their bright green, soft matcha cakes. Their pastry selection is actually really good too, from the good old cinnamon rolls into a more unorthodox berry croissant and basque-burnt cheesecake.

Should you ever come around, the stools overlooking the street is the best seat to enjoy your treats and coffee in silence as you watch the busy Kayutangan while the sun goes down.

2. Grain Alley via Instagram

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, go for Grain Alley:a perfect place to get good pretzels and equally good meals. Rustic yet tropical, Grain Alley is a bakery that also serves the best brunch dishes like shaksouka and quiches. In hindsight, this place would remind you of brunch places scattered around Canggu.

The best part of this place is actually its baked goods, like the cream cheese and sourdough bagels that are crunchy and bouncy at the same time. If you’re looking for a sweeter pick-me-up, their cruffin and tiramisu is to die for.

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3. Retawu Deli

retawudeli via Instagram

Might be one of the best patisserie so far in Malang, Retawu Deli serves godsent croissants, tarts, tortes, and an incredible mouth-watering array of gateaux. They’re both very French and Indonesian at the same time in the sense that they execute every french patisserie technique so well, while utilizing locally-sourced ingredients.

As if it wasn’t enough, they also ferment their own fruit kombucha like passion fruit or pineapples. Aside from being a patisserie, they actually have their own hot kitchen on the second floor, serving breakfast and brunch dishes like meat pies and duck pithivier; or just a good-old sandwich with their house-made duck prosciutto.

4. Luke Artisan Bakery

Luke didn’t come to play when it comes to pastries and coffee.

Blending medieval aesthetics with a modern twist, Luke is nestled near Ijen Boulevard and is usually packed with morning runners or bikers after their workout. As the sun rises, the two-story place turns into *the* hangout place, but the best time to visit Luke is in the afternoon, where you can slow down and enjoy a cup of joe with their pistachio croissant or kouign amann.

5. Pyn’s Kitchenette

via Instagram

If you really need a quick run to the bakery, order hampers full of warm treats for the holidays, or just a nice and edible souvenir from Malang, Pyn’s Kitchenette might be the place you’re looking for!

Their main store is located in Istana Dieng Tengah, but you can also visit their pop-up at Lai Lai Market. From apple pies, Pia Malang, to a box of macaroni schotel, Pyn’s Kitchenette offers you the rustic and homemade touch of baked goods.

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6. Roti Tugu Bakery (Und Corner)

via Instagram

When you need a no-frill, oldie but goldie bread recipe, then this small and nostalgic bakery in Hotel Tugu Malang is the place to go.

They serve varieties of roti manis that are under Rp20,000/pcs as well as jajan pasar and dutch-influenced delicacies like sosis brood. If it’s hot out, you can also order their homemade ice cream.

7. Mad Baker

via Instagram

Mad Baker is a small and breezy bakery in Tidar Atas that serves unconventionally conventional sweet treats like strawberry opera cake and cognac mushroom croissant. Even though they’re serving handcrafted artisan pastries, kids still love them; it’s really a no-brainer place to visit at least once if you’re in Malang.

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