Pacet, Mojokerto The Most Underrated Getaway Paradise in Indonesia

Pacet, Mojokerto: The Most Underrated Getaway Paradise in Indonesia

A two-day getaway no longer feels boring or too short with this holiday package! Get ready for an unforgettable weekend at Bobocabin Pacet, Mojokerto where you will experience a full day blending with nature while staying at a modern and relaxing accommodation.

As you dive into your weekend plans, brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement with a variety of thrilling activities right on the doorstep of Bobocabin Pacet! Get set for an adrenaline-packed blast with adventures like rafting, paintball, and action-packed outbound activities. 

Each activity guarantees to create unforgettable moments with your family and friends!

Where is Pacet in Indonesia?

Before we continue, you might wonder where is Pacet in Indonesia? Pacet is located in Mojokerto Regency, a part of East Java province in Indonesia. This area is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery, such as lush green landscapes, scenic waterfalls, and revitalizing hot springs. Pacet, especially, is famous for its healing hot springs, where visitors can relax and rejuvenate in peaceful surroundings.

Additionally, Pacet is a hub for outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. It is an enchanting destination that blends natural beauty with opportunities for relaxation and adventure, making it a favored locale for travelers seeking unique experiences in Indonesia.

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Things to Do in Mojokerto Indonesia: Two-Day Weekend Escapade in Pacet

Day 1 – Saturday

14.00 – 15.30 Arrival at Bobocabin Pacet / Lunch

Bobocabin Pacet, Mojokerto (1)

Drop your bags by Bobocabin’s door at 14:00 as it is time for you to check in! Don’t worry, the process won’t take long, before you know it, your bags are dropped in the cabin and you’re ready to conquer today’s adventure!

Now wait, before the adrenaline starts rushing, recharge your body with delicious meals. Think rawon daging, sambelan ayam, or gurame bakar to kick off the epic journey awaiting you in the beautiful surroundings of Pacet. With each bite, you’re fueling up not just your body but also your excitement for the thrilling activities ahead!

If you’re not feeling like entrees, you can try Bobocabin’s light meals and tea. Can’t let that empty stomach interrupt the day now, can we?!

16.00 – 17.30 Outbound in the wilderness

Well rested? Good! Now prepare for a next-level, epic outbound program after lunch! This program includes a high-energy, team-building extravaganza that will have you and your group bond better!

At just Rp175,000 per person, it’s a steal for the adrenaline rush and memorable experiences you’re about to have. Also, here’s the best part – the more, the merrier! Get your entire squad of 30 people together to ensure this fun-filled adventure is a go. No need to bring snacks either as this program already includes snacks and mineral water. Fun, right?

19.00 – 21.00 Heartfelt bonfire sesh

Pacet, Mojokerto

After a thrilling outbound adventure, it’s time to head back to Bobocabin to freshen up and relax. As you wait for dinner, keep the excitement going with a round of classic board games like UNO cards or the exciting UNO Stacko you can rent on the spot for a price of only Rp25.000 per day.

If you’re feeling artsy, unleash your creativity with a chill painting session. Then, get ready for a feast – dinner is served! You will have sizzling BBQ meat served for around Rp150.000 – Rp185,000, or maybe cozy up with a bowl of noodles by the bonfire. 

Once the relaxing night is over, you can head back to your accommodation and rest in a modern, warm, and comfy cabin.

Day 2 – Sunday

05.30 – 07.00 Breakfast under the morning sun

Pacet, Mojokerto

Wakey-wakey, sleepy head; a new day awaits! This day is specially planned for the adventure seekers, consisting of an array of adrenaline-packed activities like paintball and rafting. However, before we continue, you might want to fuel up with a hearty breakfast menu. Take your pick from classic American breakfast delights bursting with flavor or opt for a fresh and invigorating healthy breakfast to kickstart your day right.

With your taste buds satisfied and energy levels soaring, you’ll be all set for a day of high-octane fun and unforgettable memories in Pacet!

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07.00 – 10.00 Exhilarating paintball and rafting

rafting di mojokerto


After a scrumptious breakfast feast, it’s time for the ultimate adrenaline rush, rafting and paintball! Gear up and choose your adventure, whether it’s navigating the thrilling rapids with a heart-pounding round of rafting or diving into tactical warfare during an epic paintball battle. Or maybe both? Up to you!

For Rp150.000 to Rp200.000 per person, you and your crew can take on the wild waters of Welirang for a rafting experience that will leave you breathless with excitement. If intense combat and strategic maneuvers are more your style, grab your gear and head out for a paintball showdown at just Rp150.000 per person. Gather your squad, because today, it’s all about living life to the fullest and seizing every exhilarating moment!


All in all, this two-day weekend getaway is a must-try if you’re looking for things to do in Mojokerto Indonesia. From heart-pounding adventures to cozy cabin hangouts and mouthwatering feasts, every moment has been an absolute blast. Here’s to more incredible adventures, snug stays, and delicious bites in the future, because with every trip, our bond as a squad only gets stronger!

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bobocabin pacet mojokerto

Bobocabin Pacet in Mojokerto is your go-to holiday spot, especially if you’re craving some adventure amidst a serene surrounding. In our modern cabins, you’ll be able to kick back, while at the same time dive into thrill-packed activities, topped with delicious meals. It’s the ultimate recipe for an epic time!

What are you waiting for? Gather your crew, pack your bags, and get ready for a vibe-filled getaway that’s ready to make your Insta stories pop and fill your heart with unforgettable moments!

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Writer: Samala Mahadi



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