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Explore Dieng: The Best Places to Visit and Dine

Central Java’s highland, Dieng, is ready to steal your heart for several reasons. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, including mist-covered mountains, serene lakes, and lush green valleys, the plateau’s scenic beauty will attract your love for nature and adventure. Dieng offers a cool and refreshing climate, making it a popular escape from the heat of the lowlands. Let’s delve deeper into the ultimate guide to discover what Dieng has got for you to enjoy a break from the tropical heat!

Top Destinations in Dieng

Dieng Plateau

Waone Yanto via Google Maps

From breathtaking mountains to historical temples, Dieng has something for everyone to enjoy. Stroll at the ancient Arjuna Temple Complex that echoes the region’s rich Hindu heritage or enjoy the volcanic Sikidang Crater, which dramatically showcases the Earth’s geological forces. The cool climate, lush agricultural terraces, and diverse flora and fauna further enhance the heavenly scenery. Dieng Plateau is a unique blend that creates an unforgettable haven for those seeking tranquility and connecting with nature’s marvels.

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Mount Prau

Novem Lawalata via Google Maps

Get ready to be captivated by the unparalleled beauty of Mount Prau! The mountain offers a trekking experience that unveils the panoramic views as far as your eyes can see. The ascent leads through lush forests, creating a picturesque journey for nature enthusiasts. When you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a stunning grassy plateau, the perfect setting for camping and stargazing. Don’t forget to catch the sunrise from the mountaintop, where the first light of day casts a magical glow over Dieng Plateau!

Telaga Warna

Angel Ly via Google Maps

Telaga Warna, loosely translated as the Lake of Color, derives its name from the water’s ever-changing colors. The varying mineral content and reflections of the surrounding landscape cause its unique geological phenomenon. The lake displays a mesmerizing palette of hues, ranging from turquoise and green to deep blue and brown, creating a surreal and magical ambience. Telaga Warna is set against mist-covered mountains, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere you can bask in freely. Explore the lake and its shores to appreciate the visual feast of Telaga Warna has for you!

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Sikidang Crater

Desi Sakawulan via Google Maps

The unique feature of Sikidang Crater lies in its active volcanic activity: bubbling mud pools, steam vents, and the release of sulfuric gases. Sikidang Crater offers the dynamic nature of the landscape, where mud bubbles and boils, creating a surreal scene. The sight of the mud and the hissing sounds of escaping gases indeed add an element of excitement. The surroundings of Sikidang Crater are often draped in a light mist, contributing to the mysterious ambience. Sikidang’s barren and rocky terrain contrasted with the lush greenery of Dieng will invite you to a unique sensory experience!

Sikunir Hill

Albert Pendragon via Google Maps

Sikunir Hill is renowned for its breathtaking sunrise experience. Perched at an elevation that provides sweeping panoramic views, Sikunir Hill showcases the stunning topography of the plateau. The undulating hills, terraced fields, and mist-covered mountains invite you to immerse in its scenic grandeur. The hill’s crisp mountain air and the gentle breeze provide an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Bob recommends you enjoy the stunning sunrise and the celestial wonders of the night sky by camping under a blanket of stars on this magical hill!

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Lake Pengilon

Rizkha Ramadhanti via Google Maps

Like its neighboring lake, Telaga Warna, Lake Pengilon is renowned for its ever-changing colors. The hues of the lake’s water transform gracefully due to the varying mineral content and the play of sunlight, creating a mesmerizing color of blue and green. Lake Pengilon reflects the natural beauty of its surroundings with exceptional clarity. The lake’s mirror-like surface captures the scenic grandeur, providing a picture-perfect setting for your Instagram page. Make sure to experience the beauty of Lake Pengilon up close by taking a tranquil boat ride!

Beautiful Temples Around Dieng

Rio Supardi via Google Maps

The beautiful temples in Dieng, especially the Arjuna Temple Complex, stand as timeless marvels that witness the plateau’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

The Arjuna Temple Complex, dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries, boasts intricate and well-preserved ancient architecture. The temples are characterized by elaborately carved reliefs, detailed stone carvings, and distinctive structural elements, showing the advanced craftsmanship of the era. The temples are on a mountaintop, offering a peaceful and tranquil environment. Explore the complex where you can delve into the serenity of the mountain at your leisurely pace.

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Must-Visit Restaurants in Dieng

Roemah Makan Boemi Dieng

Erwin Anandita via Google Maps

Feed your hungry belly in Roemah Makan Boemi Dieng, one of Dieng’s best and most affordable dining destinations. Serving local foods such as grilled fish and chicken with various side dishes from vegetables to sambal, the restaurant caters to individual customers or a group.

With a spacious dining area, the restaurant also offers the next level of dining. The semi-outdoor setting allows you to enjoy the mountainous view of Dieng while you devour your delicious meal. Roemah Makan Boemi Dieng offers a warm and authentic experience of eating in the crisp air of the plateau!

Selera Raja Dieng

Selera Raja via Google Review

Many have been raving about this restaurant’s speciality menu: Mie Ongklok (Ongklok noodles).

Mie Ongklok is a traditional noodle dish from Wonosobo, a region in Central Java. This unique culinary creation is famous for its distinctive preparation and local flavors. The noodles are traditionally cooked in a bamboo tube, imparting a distinct flavor. The tubes are filled with the raw noodle mixture and various ingredients, creating a flavorful and aromatic combination. Selera Raja Dieng is where you can savor the unique taste of this traditional noodle dish for only Rp10,000!

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Kedai Ongklok

Jonny Susanto via Google Maps

Another place to eat mie ongklok that you need to try is Kedai Ongklok. As it derives from the name, this humble dine-in is known for its star menu: mie ongklok. A bowl of warm noodles served with meat satay will suit the chilling breeze. If you fancy a heavier meal, satiate your appetite with their grilled ribs, chicken, and meat soup served with a portion of rice. From Rp8,000-75,000/person, Kedai Ongklok is the perfect place to rest and fill your empty tummy!

Where to Stay in Dieng

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Dieng Plateau, Bobocabin Dieng stands as a tranquil retreat, offering an immersive experience in the heart of nature. This charming cabin facility is designed to provide you with a comfortable stay, breathtaking views, and unforgettable moments. Bobocabin Dieng is where warm hospitality meets modern comfort. The cabins are thoughtfully designed, blending traditional charm with contemporary amenities. Each unit has comfortable bedding, private bathroom facilities, and large windows framing panoramic views of the natural beauty.

Bobocabin Dieng provides a harmonious blend of modern comfort and natural beauty. It’s not just a place to stay but an immersive experience in the majestic landscapes of Dieng Plateau!

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Let the captivating beauty of Dieng Plateau be your compelling call for exploration and discovery. This article serves as an invitation to embark on a journey through Indonesia’s diverse and enchanting destinations.

As you embark on your Dieng adventure, find comfort only at Bobocabin Dieng. Your holiday experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Start the beginning of your unforgettable exploration into the wonders of Dieng from the Bobobox app!


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