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7 Things to Do in Parapat, A Hidden Paradise By Toba Lake

Toba Lake is known as one of Indonesia’s most famous landmarks, mostly due to the fascinating legend surrounding it. Other than that, the lake also offers an unrivaled beautiful scenery!

With an enormous size of 1,145 square km, this natural volcanic lake has blue waters that stretch wide for travelers to explore. You can also see greeneries littered around the lake, making it a serene place to let go of your daily stress. The charm doesn’t stop there, you can also visit Parapat – a town located on the shore of Toba Lake with tons of exciting activities you can do!

Well, what are you waiting for? Find out all the things you can do in Parapat to rid yourself off the daily tension or even learn some facts about animals and history.

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Exciting Things to Do in Parapat

Bukit Senyum

things to do in parapat - bukit senyum

Photo: via

The name Bukit Senyum literally translates to Smile Hills – and like its name, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear by the time you leave the place!

Due to its location on high ground, the place has a cool and refreshing mountain breeze that will melt your stress away. Especially since you’ll also be able to enjoy the sight of Lake Toba stretching below you, rice fields, and tea plantation from the unique tree houses in the area, it looks like it comes right out of a painting.

Be sure to visit early in the morning to catch the sunrise from this viewpoint. Bask in the view of a red and orange sky while filling your tummy with warm snacks you can purchase on some stalls in the area. 

If you’re afraid of missing out on the sunrise, you can camp in the area from the night before!


things to do in parapat - panatapan

Photo: Monang Naipospos via

Panatapan area is yet another high ground you can visit to bask in the beauty of Lake Toba area. It’s perfect for travelers who take photography as a hobby, as you can take pictures of Lake Toba with rolling green hills in the horizon. Not only that, you can even see Samosir Island from the height.

After you’re done immortalizing the picturesque beauty, you can simply relax and breathe in the clean air with a cup of warm freshly brewed coffee in your hand. If you’re not a coffee-drinker, you can also warm yourself up by getting roasted corn or hard boiled eggs from local stalls.

Sibaganding Monkey Forest

things to do in parapat - Sibaganding Monkey Forest

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A must-visit for all animal-lovers out there, this educational destination allows you to directly interact and witness the way of life of monkeys in its natural habitat. You’ll even be able to see some monkeys display exceptional talent by biking or playing musical instruments!

The park was opened as an effort to conserve the monkey species, as most of them were endangering themselves by going out of the forest to the streets to beg food from passing vehicles. Now, the park ensures that they’ll have enough to eat and protects their way of life.

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Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno

things to do in parapat - Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno (1)

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If you’re a history geek who enjoys touring around a historical site, then this next destination is for you!

North Sumatera is a place of great importance in Indonesia’s journey to independence. In Parapat, you’ll see for yourself where one of our founding fathers, Soekarno, got banished during the colonial era.

Soekarno wasn’t alone in his banishment, he was sent there with other prominent figures, namely Sutan Sjahrir and Agus Salim. The banishment was done some time after Japan lost World War II, as an effort from the Dutch colony to reclaim Indonesia. As a result, political figures were held as captives and got banished – including Soekarno.

The house was built in European architecture style and is still kept in great condition despite being built in 1820. Today, it still stands tall and displays various historical items; from Soekarno’s book collections, the furniture he once used, to pictures during their banishment.

Juma Bulu River Side Village

Juma Bulu River Side Village

Photo: via

Don’t let the calming facade fool you! Despite being surrounded by green rice fields and the calming sound of the river flow, Juma Bulu River Side Village is the place to go if you’re looking for exciting activities to do in Parapat.

The river has a pretty strong current, making it perfect for the adrenaline-inducing river tubing – where you’ll hop on a tube and ride the current down the stream! Or if you’re looking for a more laidback activity, then you can learn how to plant certain plants and even try it out yourself.

Kasih Beach

pantai kasih

Photo: Google Maps

The name Kasih literally expresses love or affection. It’s just perfectly fitting, since Kasih Beach is a great place to spend some quality time with your loved ones, with tons of water activities you can do and some photo spots you can try out.

To start off, you can challenge yourself on the Waterfun bouncy castles hurdles on the water surface. You can also take on surfing or swimming around the water. After you’re done with the physically-taxing activities, you can simply relax on the sand and wait for the sun to set to enjoy a majestic view.

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Bebas Beach

things to do in parapat - bebas beach

Photo: via

Or, if you prefer a much more laid-back beach then you can head off to Bebas Beach. The area offers a playground for kids and a path where people would be seen taking walks or jogs. The best part? You’ll be shaded with lush trees while enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Toba.

We recommend that you visit a little after 3PM, just so you can bask in the sight of a pretty golden hour and cool breeze to keep you company during your walk.

Now that you know all the things you can do in Parapat, you might not want to leave! Especially when the view is all too pretty to leave behind.

As there is certainly no rush in leaving, be sure to book the best accommodation for your trip to Parapat. Book your stay at Bobocabin Parapat to get a front-row view of Toba Lake and experience peak-convenience for all your itinerary plans!

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