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7 Slice-of-Life Movies for the Weary Heart

Sometimes we forget to pause.

We get fixated on our dreams, goals, and ambition, yet it only drives us to feel more overwhelmed and alienated from life itself. Sometimes, life doesn’t always have to be grand. The more we focus on what went wrong the more we’re drifting away from actually experiencing life; we stopped being grateful of our own achievements, or of the people that support us.

You don’t have to take it all in one bite. Take small steps, make time for yourself, for others. If things get hard and you can only curl up in your bed at times, then so be it! Here are the world’s 9 best movie scenes that will tell you how joy can always be found in small things we tend to overlook:

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

My Neighbor Totoro via IMDB

“My Neighbor Totoro” is a beloved Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Released in 1988, this classic animation is a must-watch that follows the adventures of two young sisters Satsuki and Mei.

One day, Mei spots Totoro; a large, furry, and gentle anthropomorphic creature that eventually helps the sisters navigate their new surroundings and cope with the challenges of life, including their mother’s illness.

“My Neighbor Totoro” is a great reminder how we should’ve never let our childhood wonders go. It celebrates our childlike innocence, to be free and full of curiosity, and to appreciate the simple moments that life has to offer.

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Lady Bird (2017)

Ladybird via ourculturemag

Greta Gerwig always has her ways to explore the complex mother-daughter relationship, and “Lady Bird” is the perfect example for that. Released in 2017, Gerwig’s directorial debut primarily follows the coming-of-age life of its main character, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, during her senior year at a Roman Catholic high school in Sacramento, California. She dreams of leaving her hometown and attending a college on the East Coast so she could escape her overbearing mother, Marion.

Snatching Golden Globes’ Best Motion Picture and Best Actress, “Lady Bird” doesn’t offer easy answers. Instead, it explores the messy and beautiful process of growing up and discovering oneself, all the while embracing the coming-of-age tropes of having your first love, and many, many unspecial exes.

Aftersun (2022)

Aftersun via New York Times

The haunting aspect of “Aftersun” is how it forces us to revisit our childhood memories that seem to be fleeting away with every second passed.

“Aftersun” centered around the memories of a grown Sophie, on the time she and her father, Calum, spent warm summer days on a Turkish coast through VHS records. Calum is pictured as a goofy and loving dad, who apparently gets mistaken a lot as Sophie’s brother due to his boyish figure. Amidst their time together, when Sophie wasn’t around, we then get to see him painted in a different light; crying in the middle of the night, or sneaking a puff of cigarettes.

There’s no clear plot in this Charlotte Well’s debut feature, but it proves to be her biggest strength because she managed to capture feelings; memories. And just like memories, some scenes were left purposely unclear, surrounding Calum with a cloud of mystery that Sophie’s trying to decipher. The movie’s filled to the brim with subtexts, but one thing for sure, even the toughest audience will cry their hearts out once the credits rolled.

The Whale (2022)

The Whale via This Jungian Life

Have you ever struggled with loving someone who’s not so easy to love?

It’s hard to be there for someone that needs your help, when you yourselves are also struggling. It’s an all-too-common and normal experience to go through, and “The Whale” depicts it beautifully. The beloved Brendan Fraser finally got his acting comeback alongside Hong Chau and Sadie Sink in this adaptation of Samuel D. Hunter screenplay, directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Charlie, the main character, is an English professor who teaches remotely due to his health issues related to obesity, and is estranged from his family including his teenage daughter, Ellie. As his health deteriorates rapidly, his ex-wife, Mary, arrives with Ellie in tow, and their unexpected visit forces a confrontation between Charlie and his past. The characters grapple with their own guilt, regrets, and unresolved issues as they navigate the complex dynamics of their family.

Minari (2020)

Minari via CNN

The American dream is never what it seems.

“Minari” is a critically acclaimed American film written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung. It was released in 2020 and is a semi-autobiographical work based on Chung’s own upbringing as a Korean American in rural Arkansas during the 1980s.

It follows the day-to-day life of the Yi family, who moves from California to a rural farm in Arkansas in search of a better life. Jacob, the patriarch, is determined to achieve success as a farmer by growing Korean vegetables, focusing on minari or Korean watercress, to sell to the Korean immigrant community. Meanwhile, Monica is concerned about their financial stability and the strain on their marriage, especially since the youngest child, David, has a heart condition, and their house is miles away from the nearest hospital.

Like the name suggests, “Minari” is a touching tale on resiliency and the sacrifice it took to build a home with your family.

Our Souls at Night (2017)

Our Souls At Night via Rotten Tomatoes

Based on the book written by Kent Haruf and brought to life by director Ritesh Batra, “Our Souls at Night” tells that everyone deserves their own second chances. Released in 2017, the story follows Addie and Louis, her neighbor. Both Addie and Louis are living lonely, solitary lives in the wake of their respective spouses’ deaths.

One day, Addie takes a bold step and pays a visit to Louis to propose an unconventional arrangement; sharing a bed together at night, not for romantic or sexual reasons, but purely just for companionship and the comfort of having someone to talk to in the dark. Louis initially is hesitant, but he eventually agrees, and they embark on their journey of second chance.

Along the line, the audience can see how Addie and Louis slowly unfold each night together, as they open up about their own pasts, regrets, and dreams. It celebrates life in ways that older adults are not exempt from forming a genuine and tender relationship.

Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap (2022)

Ngeri Ngeri Sedap via VOI

Last but not least on our list is the recent release of Bene Dion’s comedic take on Indonesian family dynamics, particularly from Batak households. The Domu family is like your usual Bataknese family; all the sons venture to Java in search of a better life. As Marlina and her husband grew older and isolated, they asked their sons to come back home, but to no avail. As a last resort, both of them made up a ruse to divorce each other–a situation that instantly drove all of the sons to fly back and try to keep the both of them together.

This heartfelt flick is like a diamond of the first water in Indonesian comedy spheres. As the name suggests, it didn’t cut back or water down the realities of how the stereotypical Indonesian, and Bataknese parents, approach their family, leaving the audience with a bittersweet longing for home.

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Take a Breather with Bobobox

These tales above remind us that sometimes, it’s the mundane, everyday experiences, that truly makes us human. It also teaches us that when things get too overwhelming, taking a pause to slow down and being mindful of the present is something to not be ashamed of.

At Bobocabin, we are more than just a place to rest. We’re a community, dedicated to supporting your journey to well-being, every step of the way.

We’ll be there with you when you need time to rediscover and redefine what eating means to you. Check out more tips for your well-being journey through our social media channels, or stay tuned for more!



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