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Bar Crawl Routes in Bali that You Won’t Regret!

Piles of paperwork and such on weekdays are enough reasons to break the bank and let off steam in Bali. From serene spiritual activities, adrenaline-induced excursions, decadent delicacies, lively culture, to festive nightlife; all but just a fraction of what Bali has to offer.

We know how overwhelming it would be to look for just the right places for your short break in Bali—or most importantly: where the best bars and beach clubs are.

And once you figure out maybe one or two, the logistics nightmare follows. Drinking and scooter driving is a definite recipe for disaster.

To make it even worse, finding an online taxi on a weekend in Bali is as exhausting as it is time-consuming. Yet, this shouldn’t have been a problem if you already book your accommodation with Bobocabin in Ubud or Kintamani, as they provide cars and drivers for rent at an additional price.

So pack your bags, stuff your wallets, make some RSVPs, and gather your best companion—we’re about to unravel our best version of the bar crawl route in Bali that will blow your mind away!

The Icebreaker

So you’ve just landed in Bali, or, you’re meeting some new friends to explore Bali’s nightlife together. Either way, you’ll need a starting point in your bar crawl adventure.

A sunny spot that offers hearty tapas and beers, preferably by the beach, would be perfect for this.

La Plancha

La Plancha Bali

Source: La Plancha Bali

We’ll kick off the bar crawl with afternoon beers at La Plancha. Perfect for small talks and unwinding, La Plancha is one of Bali’s pioneers in Chiringuito concept. 

Overlooking the infamous Seminyak shores, La Plancha is the best place to warm up with your companions, melting away any awkward vibes over drinks and tasty tapas.

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And the Sun Goes Down…

We understand that sunsets are precious, and that it is one of your vacation’s headlines. So head over to one of these beach clubs, sip a glass of nice and crisp wine as you watch the sun bid farewell for the day.

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club

Source: Potato Head Beach Club via dailyhotels

Everyone’s favorite, famous for their comfy daybeds and soothing tunes: Potato Head Beach Club never ceases to impress. 

Whether you’re treating yourself with a glass of sparkling wine, or embracing your adventurous side with their signature Barong Zombie that features pineapple arak, your time here will be as precious as the sunset that awaits you.

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta

Source: Ku De Ta via The Franksland

Seeking for a wider dancefloor or intimate beanbag talk by the beach? Ku De Ta may be the answer you’re looking for.

Indulge yourself in their cocktails of the month, or have a good bonding time with their shisha collection in the picturesque sunset. Instaworthy much? You bet.

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For Your Noms and Sips

As the night falls, the conversations going around will start to warm you up. Find a nice speakeasy where you can get together with your loved ones while venturing crafty cocktails, yummy bites, and experimental tunes that will surely groove your body. 

Choose either one of these, or visit both if you’re ever so curious!

Peels Records

Peels Records

Source: Peels Records via Google Maps

These guys know how to pair cocktails with good records, and after their success in Bandung, they spread their wings further into a cozy little space down in Pererenan.

Standing out with their immaculate 60s retrofuturism interior, Peels Records is always a good place to discover new old bops.

Even better, this place allows you to strike up a convo with your friends more comfortably, so you won’t have to scream over the stereo (they’re also reservation-exclusive entry, so make sure to book your seats beforehand).

Are you sold? Well, if you still have to think twice about it, they serve scrumptious meals that will surely restore your energy and get you ready for the night to come.

A little side note, their “harum manis g&t” is to die for!

Club Soda

Club Soda

Source: Rezazulmiy via Instagram

The new kid in Canggu nightlife’s block, Club Soda is one of Locavore’s babies that will surely tickle your body into a groove. 

Their specialty? Transporting you to postmodern happiness through innovative cocktails, and get this: canned drink goodness like their spiked seltzer, guaranteed to freshen you up!

Aside from their crisp and locally-sourced refreshments, Club Soda offers delectable food for your every need; light bites like their duck tsukune, chicken katsu sando for a heavier one, and if you’re lucky, their Sunday special’s noodle bar!

It’s Getting Late…

So this is what you’ve been waiting for; dancing the tropical night away to good music and relaxing ocean waves. Embrace it, you’ve earned it.

Bust off your best moves and show off your new clothes; everyone’s a star at this hour in Bali.

La Brisa

La Brisa

Source: La Brisa via Mongotrip

Immerse yourself in the lush and exotic La Brisa for a dip and a sip before busting out your next moves. Overlooking the famous Echo Beach, or Batu Mejan, expect to find the friendliest communities and get comfortable here.

Ditch the spirits bottles, their rum-based Jaje Bali or Ylang Fizz gin concoctions are much better refreshments to try out. Besides, you’re in Bali! Live your time here as if it’s your last.

‘Til You Drop

Still here? We got you!

You’re probably really drunk at this point, and you’re looking for a place to dance it all out before you go into a deep slumber in the morning.

Hang on to your driver, and get ready for your last and wildest ride in the bar crawl.



Source: Vault via The Bali Bible

Descend the stairs to the underworld that is Vault.

With an impressive, top-notch soundsystem, you’ll find yourself selling your soul to the raw beats coupled with the OG cocktails. Nothing beats a well-crafted negroni, and they surely know how to shake up a storm with that one.

Let yourself loose, drop all your facades and make-believes, for Vault will bring out the real you here. Move your body along with the red lasers and punchy bass lines until the sun welcomes you back.

Freshen Up

After a wild night out with the bar crawl, make sure you’re taking care of yourself as much as you took care of your drinks last night. The good things in life have to be kept in balance.

With the series of dopamine rush you acquired throughout partying, don’t forget to embrace your serotonin through a relaxing rest and a nice breath of fresh air at our Bobocabin. Your personal driver will know where to go.

Bobocabin Ubud

Bobocabin Ubud

Get your mind, heart, and body in line through a rejuvenating morning at Bobocabin Ubud. 

Aside from a much-needed rest in our comfortable and smart cabin, you can enjoy various activities to make up for the bar crawl indulgences.

Go for a bike ride through the jungle, spend some time slowing down with yoga, or try out the signature Balinese massage that you know you’ll be thankful for.

Bobocabin Kintamani

Bobocabin Kintamani

We love it when people want to go all the way. If Ubud starts to grow on you, you’ll love our Kintamani branch as much as we do.

Picture a nice, hot soak in front of your cabin after a night out. Or better yet, a breakfast above the clouds with views that will drive anyone jealous.

So enjoy your day off with us, recharge your energy, and breathe that fresh air. Know that whenever you need to let off some steam and close your laptop, Bobocabin will await you with an open heart!

Bob’s Budget Check

  • Updated prices on Bobocabin Ubud/Kintamani, jungle cycling, yoga, Balinese massage, breakfast above the clouds, and car rental services are here.
  • La Plancha: Beers start from Rp40.000/bottle. Tapas start from Rp50.000/plate.
  • Potato Head Beach Club: Sunset Mattress with minimum spending of Rp2.000.000/up to two people; Sunset Daybed by the pool with minimum spending of Rp5.000.000/up to four people; cocktails start from Rp135.000/glass.
  • Ku De Ta: Cocktails start from Rp130.000/glass. Shisha starts from Rp660.000/shisha. 
  • Peels Records: Cocktails start from Rp130.000/glass. Snacks and meals start from Rp30.000/plate.
  • Club Soda: Canned drinks start from Rp45.000/can. Cocktails start from Rp60.000/glass. Meals start from Rp35.000/plate.
  • La Brisa: Signature cocktails start from Rp115.000/glass, additional Rp15.000/glass to make it stronger.
  • Vault: Cocktails start from Rp160.000/glass. Spirits start from Rp2.000.000/bottle.


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