Rediscover Bobopod: Crafting Our Future, Celebrating Our Essence

It’s almost 2024, and Bobobox is changing…

Hold on a sec. Before we get into the main big thing, let’s backtrack a bit to that time when Bobobox was first established – the first years that made us who we are today! Shall we?

Bobobox, in retrospect

Despite tourism being a large factor of economic growth in the country, many people still find it hard to look for reliable accommodation that would cater to their need for a quick and easily accessible stay.

Of course, the rise of capsule hotels in Indonesia has been occurring for quite a while at the moment, and we believe there was just so much potential in it; but our CEO thought it still needed a spritz of refinement, especially in terms of experience and comfort.

And so, Bobobox comes into view.

Bobobox as a capsule hotel company.

Bobobox made its strong entrance through the launch of our first box-shaped pods in 2018, hence the name. We were aiming for everyone to get quality sleep during any of their trips. A vacation, however luxurious it is, won’t be as enjoyable without one, and even more so with traveling for work – you’re gonna need a deep zzz to recharge for sure.

The result went far beyond our imagination: our space-efficient rooms and tech-enabled features sparked huge interest as well as curiosity from the traveler community, and it quickly became a hit in a considerably short period of time. This was such an honorable momentum that we would regret losing for sure.

Learn, adapt, evolve

To fill this momentum with growth, we continued to dig deeper into the field through days and months of research.

Our finding? As it turns out, traveling has in fact become a part of people’s lifestyle nowadays. Meeting with overseas clients, spending quality time with friends and family, or even fighting burnout from work; all of these activities are greatly intertwined with traveling. And as your travel buddy, we feel that it is our job to accommodate your active lifestyle with maximum comfort and safety wherever you go.

Cue another breakthrough in the industry: Bobocabin, a tech-based cabin located in natural tourist destinations; and Boboliving, a community-based living space with communal facilities. Many people instantly fell in love with these new products, but soon enough, a lot of puzzled questions also started to emerge – reasonably so.

“Is Bobocabin part of Bobobox?”

“I thought Bobobox was the hotel capsule?”

Of course, we understand the confusion.

What started small has turned into something bigger than our wildest dreams, and it seems like the name Bobobox as our capsule hotel has run its course. Now, a sharp turn is needed for us to pinpoint our new path and straighten things up.

It’s time for a change.

Say hi to the renewed Bobobox!

(Wait, what’s the difference?)

Today, we’re officially reintroducing Bobobox as the official name for our umbrella company; the central hub that integrates our digital app, physical products, and communities into one unified group. It’s a big, big family of adventurers, and you’re absolutely welcome in it!

As the identity of our holding company, the name “Bobobox” now represents a box of ideas, as endless as they can be, that will continuously evolve to cater to the growing needs of our customers.

See this chart below for a full look at our grand structure.

Bobobox Brand Architecture

With a clearer and more refined structure in our company, we’re hopeful that we could open up opportunities for even greater innovations in the future – both nationwide and worldwide.

But wait, did you see something different? Yup, our capsule hotel is now Bobopod.

Through this new name and logo, we’re aiming to emphasize the term “pod” with the purpose of familiarity in mind. After all, our pod-sized rooms are the crucial identity that has made our firstborn a one-of-a-kind product in the first place.

In a sense, Bobopod is still the same capsule hotel that you’ve always loved – but now with a more defined characteristic that gives us a distinctive edge.

Graphic element

Our new graphic element is mainly inspired by Bobopod’s core identity: a modern safe haven nestled right in the heart of busy cities.

We combine the reflection of city grids surrounding Bobopod branches with the curved edges that represent the rounded geometry of our pods’ physical product.

A full look at Bobopod’s rounded geometry.

Color palette

To further encourage the youthful spirit of Bobopod, we’re making a bolder step in terms of visuals by applying a set of vibrant colors in all our designs, with turquoise still being our main hue.

“Never a dull moment with Bobopod!” is more or less what we’re trying to say.

In line with the fresh changes happening in Bobopod, we also decided to reinvent most of Bobobox’s visual identity altogether. (Talk about character development!)

New patterns

You’ll be seeing a lot of these patterns in our visuals from today onward, and it’s not without reason.

As an ever-growing start-up company, expressing our versatility in the tiniest details is just as important – and these 3 new abstract patterns might just be the perfect way to show it!

Dynamic drawing concept

Simple, playful, and expressive are the main keywords for our newest illustration style, especially in the way we draw our dearest mascot.

Just as the company is growing, our little buddy Bob the Koala is also entering his own maturing phase through his bold outlines and dynamic movements in the drawings.

Bob’s new companion 👀

You might have noticed a figure of a female koala seen alongside Bob in a lot of our visuals and wondered if the adorable girl actually has a name. Well, meet Beb the Koala!

Beb the Koala is a secondary character in our drawings and a part of the company’s visual identity, playing the role of Bob’s partner. Look how adorable she is – that little ribbon is just too cute to handle!

For more details on our brand identity, feel free to check out Bobobox’s newly released Brand Book here.

The journey is back on track

This is a fresh restart for us, and we’re excited! Of course, there’s still a lot more work to be done to re-inform the community about this new change, but we’ll do whatever it takes to be a better provider for our customers.

Going forward, we at Bobobox truly hope we can become a warm nest for all the achievers and wanderers to come home to. Anytime you feel like you need a little rest, we wish to be the first thing that pops into your mind. But let’s be honest: we’re halfway there already, aren’t we? 😉

Our endless gratitude to all of you, Bob’s Besties and Bob Squad, who have been nothing but supportive throughout the 5 golden years spent together. We’re speeding up the pace, so you’d better brace yourself for many, many thrilling adventures ahead!

Until then, we’ll see you around. 👋



Sejak tahun 2018, Bobobox hadir menawarkan pengalaman yang berbeda bagi para traveler untuk menikmati perjalanan yang sempurna. Bobobox menghubungkan traveler, dari pod ke kota.

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