Bobobox x fairatmos

Carbon Offset Program:
Traveling for Another Tomorrow

There are certain traces that we always leave behind in each of our traveling stories. It can be unforgettable memories, new or renewed friendships, and even the feeling that lingers in our hearts. Those things are what keeps us coming back to nature.

While these are good, sometimes we tend to forget the other traces we left that are not as fun: the lost items we forgot to pack home, the scattered trash around the site, or even worse, the carbon footprints we released during our trips.

As your travel companion, Bobobox understands the importance of giving back to nature as much as what we take for our happiness. With that in mind, we try our best to set a good example for the travelers by making environmental well-being a priority.

Our efforts for sustainability

In order to help preserve nature, these are a recap of the programs we have launched:

      • Organic and non-organic waste management
      • Utilizing QR code system instead of keys for door lock
      • Modular design of both Bobobox and Bobocabin units
      • Providing water gallons and optional toiletries at every Bobobox branch
      • Reducing towel and linen change for long stays at Bobobox
      • Wooden toiletries at several Bobocabin branches
      • Providing water filter unit at Bobocabin Ubud & Kintamani

We at Bobobox are always on the run for creating a more sustainable travel experience, for the greater good of our planet. Now, with the Carbon Offset Program that we have in collaboration with Fairatmos, you can join in the endeavor as well!

How does Carbon Offset work?

Here’s how you minimize the carbon exhaust during your travel with Bobobox:

      1. During the booking process, you will have the option to offset your carbon footprint. By choosing to participate, you are counterbalancing the carbon footprint of your stay by supporting climate projects
      2. As the sustainability partner of Bobobox, Fairatmos facilitates contribution to allocated climate projects as soon as your booking has been confirmed
      3. After checkout, you will receive a certificate via email confirming your carbon-neutral stay with Bobobox

Most of the contribution you made will be directed to the Katingan Mentaya reforestation project  in Central Kalimantan, while 10% of the resource is to be allocated to other activities that support social empowerment. Rest assured, your participation is all for the benefit of the earth.

Small steps are still good steps, and you can definitely start with us. Let’s protect the earth one stay at a time!


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