Bobocabin x KWALA : Calm in Cocoon

Life will feel so much better with a little hug every now and then. Don’t you agree?

We may not often realize this, but a touch is the most universal and genuine language spoken without words. A simple gesture of touch, especially a hug, can drive away the bad energies from our bodies and develop mental support to move forward with one’s own path toward a fulfilled life.

While being hugged by someone can be very comforting, sometimes it’s hard to get it when you’re away from your dearest ones. But no need to worry: Bobocabin in collaboration with KWALA has created something special for you!

Under a grand project titled “Journey to Wellbeing: Calm in Cocoon”, we are proud to launch Cocoon Blanket: an adult swaddle that will give you the same feeling as being embraced.

Now even if you’re getting deeper into nature, you can bring this swaddle everywhere to make sure you get the warmth and loving feeling that you need (and deserve)!

Why Cocoon Blanket?

  • Handmade
Handmade coconut blanket

Limited batch production only; sewn with love by our local tailors.

  • 4-way stretch material
4-way stretch material

Extra comfort guaranteed with a super stretchy fabric, providing the adequate space you need during sleep.

  • Two hands-out feature
Two hands-out feature

Enjoy hassle-free, high-quality rest while still being able to move your hands freely.

  • Hoodie included!
Hoodie included!

Crafted with soft, breathable material with an addition of a hoodie, this cocoon blanket will comfortably hug you from head to toe.

How to Use the Swaddle

  1. In a sitting position, pull your Cocoon Blanket up to your waist
  2. Stand up and pull up your Cocoon Blanket once more to your desired position
  3. All done – time for a high-quality rest!
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Cocoon Blanket is now available to purchase at our selected Bobocabin branches: Gunung Mas, Coban Rondo, Kintamani, Cikole, and Pangalengan for a limited quantity.

You can also order the product online in this link below.