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Bobobox at Shopee 12.12:

Tomorrow’s Adventures Begin Today: Plan your 2024 dream vacay now!

As we embrace the final chapters of this year (yay!), it’s not just a time to reflect—it’s the perfect moment to look ahead. The new year, ripe with possibility, inviting you to travel to all the best places that you haven’t checked off your bucket list✅

Planning your 2024 vacation now is not just something you have to do; it’s the first brushstroke on a year’s new canvas. So start the year right, and book now with special prices at Shopee 12.12!⬇️✨

Bobobox & Bobocabin Vouchers

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🌴Your future vacations are calling. Will you answer?📞

Terms & Conditions

      1. The booking period for these promos is 13 November 2023 – 31 March 2023
      2. The stay period for these promos is 8 January 2024 – 31 March 2024
      3. Vouchers can only be used for bookings for Bobopod and Bobocabin. It cannot be cashed, returned, exchanged, or used with other available offers
      4. The voucher codes can only be used 1 time per user and cannot be applied in multiples
      5. Bobobox and Partner are entitled to change the terms and conditions of these promotions without prior notice.

How to Get and Use the Bobobox and Bobocabin Voucher Code

P.S, please beware of fake vouchers from unofficial channels!

      1. Type and click “E-Voucher” in the search bar on the Shopee app
      2. Once you’re in the E-Voucher section, type “Bobobox” and you will be directed to the vouchers by the official Bobobox account. Then, choose your desired voucher
      3. After securing your payment, go to the “Saya” tab and check your voucher in the “Pulsa, Tagihan & Tiket” section
      4. Don’t forget to click “Tukarkan” when you’re ready to book your stay on the Bobobox app with the voucher code.
      5. Next, download the Bobobox App via App Store or Play Store
      6. Open the app and log into your account, or register first if you don’t have an account yet
      7. Pick your desired Bobopod / Bobocabin location and date of stay, then choose the payment method that you’d like to use
      8. Enter the promo code you’ve received in point 4 and pay the total price for your booking before the due time
      9. After successfully booking your stay, you will get a confirmation e-mail from Bobobox
      10. Enjoy your stay!