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Terms & Conditions

 Bobobox & Bobocabin Vouchers

    1. These vouchers can be applied for all Bobobox and Bobocabin branches
    2. Bookings from these vouchers can only be made through the Bobobox App or website
    3. Valid until 15 December 2024
    4. Voucher codes cannot be cashed, returned, exchanged, or used with other available offers
    5. The voucher codes can only be used 1 time per user and cannot be applied in multiples
    6. Bobobox is entitled to change the terms and conditions of these promotions without prior notice
    7. Vouchers cannot be used during blackout dates (Eid, Christmas, New Year)

Subscription offers to Kompas Digital Premium

    1. These subscription offers are only for Kompas Digital Premium and not valid for the KOMPAS newspaper
    2. Vouchers are only valid for new subscribers who have never accessed Kompas Digital Premium before
    3. The subscription period will automatically start after the voucher is redeemed
    4. Vouchers can only be used 1 time per user
    5. These vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be used with other available offers
    6. Kompas and Partner are entitled to change the terms and conditions of these promotions without prior notice
    7. For more information, please contact KOMPAS Customer Service through Kompas Kring at 021 2567 6000 / Whatsapp 0812 900 50 800 /